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Posted 06.23.2011 | UK Politics
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Ken Clarke Defends Sentencing Bill Ahead Of Second Reading In Commons

Posted 06.29.2011 | UK Politics

Ken Clarke has said that people have a “perfect defence” if they “hit [a] burglar with the poker” and defended the right of elderly women to u...

PMQs 29th July 2011: Ed Miliband And David Cameron Clash

Posted 06.29.2011 | UK Politics

David Cameron has attacked Ed Miliband for being “in the pocket of the unions” ahead of tomorrow’s public sector strikes. The Prime Minister ...

David Cameron condemns 'irresponsible' strikes ahead of teacher action tomorrow

Posted 06.29.2011 | UK Politics

David Cameron has offered his backing to teachers who had decided not to go on strike tomorrow and insisted the Government's public sector pensions pr...