Entries by Eleanor Doughty from 07/2012

Perfect Prints

| Posted 07.02.2012 | UK Style

I've fallen, head over staggeringly high heels, in love. Again. This is becoming too regular an occurrence. Temporarily blinded by a uniform of black and grey, Resort 2013 has reminded me of my love for fabrics.

Fashion Week 2.0

| Posted 07.09.2012 | UK Style

I am breathing a sigh of relief, as the last few days saw the end of couture week. Phew, it's felt like fashion week for ages this summer.

Sportsluxe: A Mysterious Phenomena

| Posted 07.17.2012 | UK Style

When I was younger I didn't really 'get' fashion. I mainly ran around in wellington boots, Barbour jackets (way before they were cool) and got jolly muddy in the rain. All I knew was that whatever was in Vogue was really, really beautiful and that I wanted to edit it. This desire has stayed with me becoming my ultimate point of focus. Years later and surrounded daily by thousands of pounds worth of clothes, there are still some things that I don't 'get'.

Get Your Folk On

| Posted 07.24.2012 | UK Style

In March 2009, Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk opened John Galliano's autumn 2009 show. She was the embodiment of the eastern peasant top to toe; from the headwear to the pointed almost primitive shoes she wore. Two and a half years on, and elements of a similar aesthetic have crept their way back onto runways worldwide, both in Autumn and Resort collections, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Take It or Leave It

| Posted 07.30.2012 | UK Style

There's no feeling quite like loving what you have chosen to wear that day. Equally, there's no other feeling quite like hating it and spending all day dreading seeing anyone you know in the lift. This fear is made worse in the elevators of our busy office where not only is everyone dressed impeccably, but half the space is a mirror. It's like the building is attempting to embarrass you further. Spiteful thing.