Entries by Eleanor Doughty from 12/2012

The F-Word

| Posted 12.03.2012 | UK Style

Confession time. I am scared of foundation. Years of ballet stage makeup, and a contrary attitude towards anything in the least bit popular, have deterred me from ever squirting my face with the brown stuff.

Boho Beat

| Posted 12.09.2012 | UK Style

I am not, and will never be, bohemian. The easy demeanor so boldly coveted worldwide is something that I just cannot achieve. It requires a genuine nonchalance, a kind of strut, perhaps a daily meditative state that I just do not possess. But I bet you do. So, I am staging an intervention.

In Defence of Christmas Jumpers

| Posted 12.13.2012 | UK Style

Recently, and very concerningly, I've read a series of articles damning Christmas jumpers. Sitting writing in my very own red knitted number, I am outraged.

Clapham: A Curious Case

| Posted 12.23.2012 | UK Lifestyle

Sunday morning and the three-stop southbound journey from London Victoria to Stockwell is largely unremarkable. Those present, engrossed in their daily newspapers or quietly nattering to neighbours, are dulled to the journey south of the river.