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Top Valentine's Day Chocolate Picks

| Posted 02.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle

These are just my top 10 suggestions from this year's Valentine's Day chocolate collection. What are your tried and true Valentine's chocolates or what would you like to get this year?

In IT Women Are Worth Less Than Men

| Posted 02.18.2013 | UK Tech

Ever since I started working in IT I've been told that I make less than a man with the same skills. I chose to ignore that and focus on doing an awesome job, figuring I'd be paid what I was worth.

Divine Pops-Up for Fairtrade Fortnight

| Posted 02.21.2013 | UK Lifestyle

It's difficult for us to understand sometimes how much of an impact our chocolate choices can make to farmers. Divine takes it one step further and shows us that we can buy direct from the farmers on our supermarket shelves and given the recent scandals, it is reassuring to know where your chocolate comes from.