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What is the Solution to Fuel Poverty That Affects Children?

| Posted 01.04.2012 | UK Politics

Getting through 2012 is no doubt a worrying prospect for many in the squeezed middle, but for families with the least, just making sure their kids are warm this winter is one of their biggest concerns. We cannot, as a society, allow this to continue.

We Can't Turn our Backs on Mogadishu's Children

| Posted 01.18.2012 | UK

No parent should have to watch their child die. One of the first mothers I met in Sigale camp, Mogadishu, told me how she had had to do just that. Fleeing from her home because of the drought, unable to feed her children, she trekked seven days with her four children to Mogadishu to find refuge. On the way her youngest child, still breastfeeding, died. There was nothing she could do. She looked exhausted, and hadn't eaten herself for four days but was determined to save the lives of her three remaining children.

Why Borgen Mirrors Real Life Pressure on Governments to Cut Overseas Aid

| Posted 01.22.2012 | UK Politics

A prime minister under pressure. A coalition government rebelling over whether money should be spent on a granddad at home or a 'bloke from Somalia' instead. A key finance bill is at stake. Deals are quickly made and unmade, alliances forged and broken, with an ever more pressing deadline that could see a premier fall... That was the dilemma at the heart of last week's Borgen - the Danish political thriller on BBC4.