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BlackBerry's Seppuku: The Spectacular Collapse of RIM and What the Rest of Tech can Learn From it

| Posted 10.17.2011 | UK Tech
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It hasn't been a very good year for Research In Motion (RIM). But, it would be too easy, not to mention wholly misguided to lay blame at the door of market forces, or some other external pressure. No. RIM's woes are all by its own hand.

Why the World Needs Photoshopped Celebrities

| Posted 10.21.2011 | UK Lifestyle

Photoshopped celebrities never fail to cause outrage. The most recent pitchfork parade was started by an article on the Daily Mail website highlighting the "bizarre" practices that go on inside magazines to improve photos.

Has Nokia turned the corner? Is a new range of handsets and a new operating system enough to reverse the mobile maker's slide?

| Posted 10.26.2011 | UK Tech

In London today, a glimmer of silver appeared in the lining of the enormous raincloud that has sat above the Finnish firm's headquarters in Espoo. The first fruits of the Nokia/Microsoft partnership arrived in the form of the Lumia 800 and 710. And they're not bad.