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Gillian Tett: UK Business Commincator of the Year, 2010

| Posted 02.07.2012 | UK

Brian Jenner of the UK Speechwriters' Guild recently announced that the title of UK Business Communicator of 2012 has been awarded to Gillian Tett of ...

To Read or Not to Read: Speechwriting and Authenticity

| Posted 02.24.2012 | UK Politics

Yesterday's conference of the UK Speechwriters' Guild was another stimulating treat, for which founder Bran Jenner deserves the thanks of all of us who were lucky enough to attend.

Was Charlotte Church's Speech Too Long and 'Inauthentic'?

| Posted 02.28.2012 | UK

Something very unusual happened today. Presenter Eddie Mair told us on BBC Radio 4's early evening news programme PM that they were going to play the whole of Charlotte Church's statement after she and her family had settled their case for phone-hacking damages against News International's now defunct News of the World (above).

Miliband Does Voiceover to His Own Speeches in Labour's Latest PPB

| Posted 02.29.2012 | UK Politics

These days, you can watch party political broadcasts before they've even been broadcast, as with this one from the Labour Party that's scheduled to appear on television tonight.