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Lord Leveson Will Decide Whether Britain's Press Will Publish Those Naked Prince Harry Photos

| Posted 08.22.2012 | UK

It is truly amazing that, despite the pix already being up on US sites like TMZ, the world's biggest and most tabloid newspaper MailOnline hasn't dared to run them at the time of writing.

What Delight for The Guardian and BBC: Leveson 1 Press Freedom 0

| Posted 08.23.2012 | UK

Lord Justice Leveson, your work here is done. In just a few short months you have managed to do what the massed phalanxes of the Guardian and BBC have been trying to do for years but failing. You have neutered the great British press, and made it a laughing stock.

La publication des photos scandaleuses du Prince Harry dépendra de Lord Leveson

| Posted 08.23.2012 | France

SCANDALE - Les salles de rédaction et les bureaux des rédacteurs aux quatre coins de l'Angleterre sont en pleine crise ce matin. La raison? Une série de photos dévoilant le Prince Harry nu comme un ver, "chevauchant" des femmes, nues elles-aussi, dans une chambre d'hôtel de Las Vegas. Mais étrangement, ces clichés ne sont pas visibles dans la presse anglaise...

What Murdoch Printing Those Photos Exposed About the Leveson Debate

| Posted 08.25.2012 | UK

What has unfolded since TMZ exploded the bombshell of a naked Prince Harry tells you everything about the scale of the problem that Leveson has become, with venal politicians and self-obsessed special interest groups determined to come out on top against a once-proud now-cowed print media... and hang the long-term consequences for democracy and freedom of the press.

Hidden Victims of Phone Hacking - The Families of the Hacks Arrested

| Posted 08.30.2012 | UK

The ordeals imposed by police on journalists and their families caught up in the phone hacking investigations are unnecessary and disgraceful. And please do remember, we're talking about journalists here, not hardened villains with criminal records as long as their arm. Yet that is how they and their families are being treated in scenes the Stasi would be proud of. Yes, police must investigate all allegations of crime equally without fear or favour, but there simply IS a difference between dealing with a hardened criminal and a middle-class middle-aged white-collar journalist.