Entries by Paddy Duffy from 10/2011

Good Friends Never Part, But I Sometimes Wish They Would

| Posted 10.07.2011 | UK Entertainment

Fox should have iced The Simpsons about a decade ago, as it was around that time that it started haemorrhaging the funny at alarming speed. As it currently stands, watching The Simpsons is like seeing the one-time best footballer in the world playing Saturday league and getting paid in bottles of Lucozade.

Monday Night is Quiz Night

| Posted 10.23.2011 | UK Entertainment

One of my favourite TV rituals now takes place on a Monday. On BBC 2 Paxman's berating of undergrads on University Challenge kicks proceedings off, which is followed by a hop over to BBC4 for the toughest quiz on TV, Victoria Coren's Only Connect.

X Factor Just Ain't Got It

| Posted 10.31.2011 | UK Entertainment

There's always a fine line when it comes to provocative drama and controversy, and the difference between compelling and pathetic is usually about a couple of inches. Currently, X Factor is miles away from the Katharine Hepburn end of things and firmly in the drunk guy at a party end.