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Can't Imagine a World Without Pudding? Start Trying

| Posted 01.01.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Less than 70 years ago, putting a spoonful of sugar into a cup of tea was a luxury in Britain. Today, a great many of us westerners have everything we could possibly want, but have been so numbed by money and peace that we have little frame of reference for the concept of "need".

2012's Video Games Industry Trends, And Why 2013 Could Be A Watershed Moment

| Posted 01.07.2013 | UK Tech

Last year was an odd one for video games trends, as Microsoft and Sony wound down their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 operations in anticipation of launching new machines in 2013. While the big players backed off a little, however, the games market itself was evolving rapidly.

HMV's Place on the High Street Belongs to Yesterday, and Sentimentality Won't Save It

| Posted 01.16.2013 | UK

How should we feel about HMV's troubles? Appealing to a consumer's sense of nostalgia isn't going to stop people wanting the largest choice of media as inexpensively as possible - something only the internet can now provide.

Vine: The Digital Equivalent of Hanging a Mirror Over a Urinal

| Posted 01.29.2013 | UK Tech

You all follow Instagram-My-Expensive-Food-Guy, right? And Blog-My-Baby-Woman? How about Here's-All-My-Work-This-Week-Writer? You'll soon be blankly consuming Vine-My-Walk-To-Work-Dude. They're people telling you their lives have depth, that they're fabulous.