Entries by Peter Kellner from 11/2011

Philip Gould, a Tribute

| Posted 11.08.2011 | UK Politics

Sometimes Philip used to be bracketed with spin-doctors, and criticised as a master of the darker arts of election campaigning. The truth is that he was the exact opposite. If today's politicians, journalists and, er, pollsters wish to pay his life proper tribute, it would be to speak as truthfully and candidly as he always did.

The State of the Economy is Leaving the Tories Unscathed

| Posted 11.28.2011 | UK Politics

This week's two big domestic events could shape the next few months, and even years, of British politics. They might leave the Conservatives lauded as heroes who steered our economy through troubled waters - or as incompetent ninnies who badly mismanaged tough times. Will George Osborne end up as hero or zero: as Clark Kent or Inspector Clousseau?