Entries by Peter Kellner from 01/2013

David Cameron's Happy New Year

| Posted 01.02.2013 | UK Politics

Today, Cameron and his family are at Chequers, enjoying perhaps the happiest new year of his premiership. He is the undoubted master of Britain's political landscape. His Labour, Lib Dem and Ukip opponents have turned in on themselves. His own backbench rebels have fallen silent. He is already dreaming of how to win his third general election in 2020.

Welfare Reform: Who, Whom?

| Posted 01.07.2013 | UK Politics

As governments down the years have discovered, welfare is a political minefield. Most people think they pay more into the government’s welfare pot through taxes than they draw out in benefits.

Britain, Europe and the Fear Factor

| Posted 01.14.2013 | UK Politics

Were Cameron to commit to a referendum he would unleash years of uncertainty about Britain’s future place in the world. And that could undermine the very reassurance, and reputation for moderation, that will be central to the Tories’ prospects of victory in 2015.

Measuring Ukip's Support

| Posted 01.15.2013 | UK Politics

We have found that Ukip’s support is significantly higher when people are asked for their EP vote than when they are asked how they would vote in a general election.

EU Vote: Stay in 40%, Leave 34%

| Posted 01.21.2013 | UK Politics

For the first time in the current parliament, more people would vote for Britain to stay in the European Union than to leave.

A Bounce - Of Sorts

| Posted 01.28.2013 | UK Politics

It looks as if the Conservatives have gained from the Prime Minister’s speech on the European Union; but only slightly.