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A Hopeful Date With the Architect Who Had All the Right Moves

| Posted 04.06.2012 | UK Lifestyle

Dating can be a very solitary experience, despite the fact that you're meeting up with another person. Travelling to the date you are alone in your thoughts, every possible scenario whirring around in your head, and nine times out of ten, you end up going home by yourself -- okay, maybe eight.

Did You REALLY Just Say That? The Turgid Topics to Avoid on a First Date

| Posted 04.11.2012 | UK Lifestyle

So you've done the easy bit. You've arranged the date, spruced yourself up, shown up on time and, with a bit of luck, you're in the right place. Now all you have to do is fill the next three or four hours or so...

Sorry, There's No Cure For Gay - Why Not Pray For an Antidote to Stupid Instead?

| Posted 04.12.2012 | UK Lifestyle

There is a time, I imagine, in the lives of most gay people when they wish, if only for a moment, that they weren't gay. Perhaps it comes when they want to kiss their other half without fear of reproachful look or, worse, a boot to the head.

Get Me Drunk and Enjoy the Show - Will I Ever Have a Booze-Free First Date?

| Posted 04.26.2012 | UK Lifestyle

I've been on more than a few dates in the two years or so I've been single. Some have been disastrous, many have been delightful, but they have all had one common denominator. Each of them, without exception, has involved alcohol.