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A One-Sided Date With the Inquisitive Guy I Couldn't Say No To

| Posted 02.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle

I thrive on flirtation on dates; it's the plutonium I need to get me to the end of the night. From him, however, there is none. Usually I'd put this down to nervousness or shyness, but that's not the case here. He exudes a kind of bland confidence; he's not brash or assertive, just, well, a bit boring.

Beckham Vs Miliband: In the Battle of the Davids, It's No Contest for Me

| Posted 02.07.2013 | Huffington Post

Oh, I know what you're thinking. Have I got the right person? The geeky, awkward-looking politician who spent an unfortunate number of years behind some very unforgiving, ardour-shrivelling spectacles? Really? Oh, yes, I'm deadly serious.

Five Guys You Think You Want to Date, but Actually Really, Really Don't

| Posted 02.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Mr Popular Who is he? He's got oodles of friends and everybody knows his name. Going out with him is like being with a lesser celebrity, but without cameras following you round. Why you think you want him: Congratulations, you're a localised Kardashian!

A Tear-Drenched Date With the Guy Who Kept His Ex in His Sights

| Posted 02.20.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Breaking up is hard to do. I know; I've done it. Relationships can be a long, languorous drive around winding country roads. The break-up is the huge tractor or speeding idiot who appears from nowhere, slicing through your cosy hatchback of coupledom.

Fifteen Things You Really Don't Want to Hear on a First Date

| Posted 02.26.2013 | UK Lifestyle

1. "So having weighed up all the evidence and considering the fact that I was quite drunk at the time and I didn't technically put it all the way in, do you think my ex was right to say that it was cheating?" 2. "What do you think of the coalition government?" 3. "I have been on soooo many dates this week..."