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Games, War and News: Why We Made a Game About the War in Syria (in Two Weeks)

| Posted 12.13.2012 | UK Tech

If games can turn war into entertainment, then why could they not also help us to understand it? I've had to think a lot about the relationship between games and war, as we decided to make a new game, not about annoyed birds or farms or words or friends but a game about the war in Syria.

Comfy Onesie? Good, Now Lets Talk About Cotton...

| Posted 12.20.2012 | UK

How tough is it picking cotton? Without being in a field surrounded by the crop, we can't tell you for sure but what we can replicate is the amount of work it entails, the monotony of that work and how much you'll get paid for your time - that is if you're a child working in Uzbekistan.