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Time Heals All Wounds - Even the Ones Inflicted by Victorian Serial Killers!

(2) Comments | Posted 15 March 2012 | (23:00)

Murder in its simplest, cold-blooded form is the most heinous thing a human can do to another (It's a sorry state of affairs when I feel obliged to start a post with that). To end someone else's life is alien to most of us and when murderers are in the...

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Diamond Jubilee

(17) Comments | Posted 10 February 2012 | (23:00)

£36.2m a year from the Public Purse; 60 years and counting. A waste of our money, a symbol of a healthy society or a lucrative tourist attraction? What do you think?


Hope I don't lose my head for this cartoon; just adding to the...

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Stop Preaching Gove!

(23) Comments | Posted 19 January 2012 | (23:00)

This week it came out that Michael Gove, the education secretary, has a plan to send a copy of the King James Bible to every school in the country - although this has run into a spot of bother as Cameron told Gove that this project must not be funded...

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Cameron Blows and Ready, Steady, Caught!

(1) Comments | Posted 11 January 2012 | (00:13)


This week has been full of drama and it's barely even halfway through! As depicted in my above cartoon, Westminster and the SNP have had a war of words over Scottish Independence, in which a referendum is now due to be held in Scotland...

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(4) Comments | Posted 5 January 2012 | (23:00)

Here is my cartoon in response to Rupert Murdoch joining Twitter, which provoked much divided opinion from the Twitter community.

Maybe some users who didn't approve were in fear that this could be the start of a Twitter transition where hierarchy takes over. If this were to be the...

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