Ben Mirza
Ben is a freelance photographer, web designer, editor and blogger. He has written for The Untitled Magazine, Menswear Style and Hello Magazine, amongst others. He focuses on blogging about art, design and visual culture.

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Wildlife Reimagined: Simon Arizpe and The Wild

(0) Comments | Posted 11 May 2016 | (17:13)

A man whose mind is intertwined harmoniously with curiosity and creativity, New York based illustrator Simon Arizpe has created something quite outstanding. The Wild is unlike any other pop-up book I've seen before, structured to resemble a forest bear devouring a fish, The Wild then reveals...

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How to Be a Music Man

(1) Comments | Posted 27 April 2016 | (18:15)

I'm a man who enjoys hearing the stories of those making their way in the creative sphere, be it art, music, film, design etc. As someone who's worked in this environment for eight years, trying and, at times, failing to get my foot in the door, experiencing the slow, mundane...

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Capturing Masculinity

(0) Comments | Posted 15 March 2016 | (00:27)

When I first began my long journey to becoming a photographer, I always knew, right from the get go, that the foundation of good photography was to have a good understanding of the subject you're shooting. When it comes to capturing people on camera one has to go even further...

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Entrepreneur Interview - Brian Scudamore

(0) Comments | Posted 1 March 2016 | (00:23)

The break-in alarm wouldn't stop screaming - and I knew I was screwed.

Just as self-made multi-millionaire Brian Scudamore, the person I was about to interview, walked through the front door of the building, the ticket machine had malfunctioned and let out an ear shattering series of shrieks.

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Pushkin Vertigo: Scintillating Mysteries

(0) Comments | Posted 23 September 2015 | (23:31)

Pushkin Press have done a sterling job since they launched themselves on to the publishing world back in 1997. Having introduced a bountiful collection of literary gems to the Anglosphere, with translation after translation of novels, short stories, essays and poetry from revered writers of past and present. Pushkin Press...

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Jonathan Ames on P.G. Wodehouse, Language and 'Wake Up, Sir!'

(0) Comments | Posted 9 June 2015 | (19:16)

The American writer Jonathan Ames is someone you would describe as a Renaissance man, an author of numerous novels, essays and a graphic novel 'The Alcoholic', a columnist for The New York Press, creator of the HBO sitcom 'Bored to Death' starring Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis and...

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Erwin Mortier and Stammered Songbook

(0) Comments | Posted 5 April 2015 | (23:06)

Erwin Mortier is a Flemish writer, whose work is sadly little known in the Anglosphere, but thanks to Pushkin Press that is changing. Erwin's literary style is unorthodox, always merging a diverse roster of themes to create stories that are deep with emotion. He has been dubbed the voice of...

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Ayelet Gundar-Goshen and One Night, Markovitch

(0) Comments | Posted 5 April 2015 | (22:34)

Her writing is beautifully brocaded with humour and sensuality, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen is an exceptional literary talent, whose debut novel 'One Night, Markovitch' is an incredibly rich tale of history, love, obsession and new beginnings.

Born in Israel in 1982, Ayelet studied Clinical Psychology at Tel Aviv University, has worked...

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4 Ways You're Being Marketed to Without Knowing It

(1) Comments | Posted 5 January 2015 | (16:56)

For those of you not familiar with the goliath that is contemporary digital marketing, it operates like this - on the one hand you have a bunch of very clever people who have a passion for selling you things, and on the other hand you have a group of people...

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Paul Fournel, 'Dear Reader' and the Future of the Publishing Industry

(0) Comments | Posted 7 December 2014 | (23:36)

Robert Dubois is a comfortable, elegantly dissipated publisher of the old school tradition, drifting into the twilight years of a career filled with jolly literary lunches and yellowing manuscripts. But when a bold young intern presents him with an e‐reader (or 'Kandle') his cosy world begins to change. What is...

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Elsa Schiaparelli: A Life Well Lived

(0) Comments | Posted 23 November 2014 | (23:01)

Described as being "modern and sleek as a skyscraper" Elsa Schiaparelli was a tour-de-force in her day. A fashion designer extraordinaire, who pioneered avant-garde fashion, from knitwear to couture, and collaborated with some of the greatest creative minds of the 20th century, including Jean Cocteau,

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Monty Brown: Accessories for Gentlemen

(0) Comments | Posted 27 October 2014 | (23:46)

The truly stylish man has a good eye for accessories; he knows that a certain tie, a certain pocket square can make an outfit standout. Today, there's a new found confidence in men's accessories, with brands emerging dedicated solely to designing the perfect accessories, from tie pins to cufflinks, scarves...

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Ten Year Anniversary: Wes Anderson's 'The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou'

(0) Comments | Posted 25 October 2014 | (00:00)

Taking into consideration the fact that Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is 10 years old, I didn't particularly want to do yet another review. What I wanted to do is simply give you a rundown of what makes this perfectly-crafted gem of a film, something...

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Michelangelo: Complete Works

(0) Comments | Posted 22 October 2014 | (00:13)

Taschen's latest comprehensive tome focuses on the work of the greatest artist of Western civilisation - Michelangelo. In the beautifully designed Michelangelo: Complete Works, Taschen have really captured the artist's power and prestige. With many fold-outs of well-known frescos from the Sistine Chapel, such as the Creation of...

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The Art of the Shahnameh: Introducing Iran's Epic Poem to a New Audience

(0) Comments | Posted 24 September 2014 | (19:10)

An integral part of Persian civilisation, which stretches back several millennia, it's only right that the Shahnameh, the epic poem by Iran's national poet Ferdowsi, should be given a place within the sphere of international culture, just as Homer's Illiad, Dante's Divine Comedy, Shakespeare's Romeo &...

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Tarun Tahiliani at Aashni & Co

(0) Comments | Posted 1 June 2014 | (18:01)

He's a major force in the world of contemporary Indian fashion; Tarun Tahiliani, who has mastered a fine balance between aesthetics and design, recently stopped by Aashni & Co, in London, to host a "trunk show".

Giving guests a chance to view his latest collection...

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Aakash Odedra: Man in Flight

(0) Comments | Posted 8 May 2014 | (00:16)

The legendary ballet dancer Margot Fontaine once said that dance communicates with people in a way that no other art form can, and it's true, dance has the ability to tap into the deepest recesses of our consciousness, both as performers and spectators. Aakash Odedra, a dancer who...

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Faisana Fashion Weekend: Celebrating Indo-Pakistani Design

(1) Comments | Posted 9 April 2014 | (00:28)

It's a rarity to find Indian and Pakistani fashion spoken of in the same breath, the two countries design ethics are of course unique, but thanks to their close cultural and geographical proximity, there are a great deal of similarities when it comes to inspiration and palate. Each designer evokes...

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Edmund Fraser: Capturing Life

(0) Comments | Posted 26 February 2014 | (21:51)

Anybody can take a photo, but it takes a special understanding and a whole heap of creativity to call yourself a photographer, Edmund Fraser is one of them. Based in North London, he ranges from fashion photography to experimental, and is co-founder of the arts/media agency

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St Piece: It's All in the Print

(0) Comments | Posted 23 February 2014 | (18:35)

Art and fashion are taken to the next level by St Piece, a new London based design studio, specialising in luxury scarves. Headed by Sandy Chang, St Piece fuses together contemporary art and design aesthetics with age old luxury, thus making them a unique addition to...

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