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Big City Lights (PHOTOS)

Posted: 01/09/11 16:13

Autumn has arrived. It was announced with a rather loud gong in the shape of some big black clouds and with it, a realisation dawned that the nights are drawing in at a rampant pace. But all this darkness doesn't have to be a bad thing, there's something rather magical about the world at night. Cities, like living breathing organisms, take on a life of their own changing shape and colour as the sun goes down. Buildings twinkle in a stunning man-made cityscape that could almost top a sunset in our books. There is a very special energy that only a city knows at night and now with an estimated 80% of Brits living in one, we thought it was high time we celebrate the beautiful sights of our favourite cityscapes. The future is bright.

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Beautiful paper lantern stalls throng the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter coming to life as dusk falls on the city. The shopping district sprawls across some 40 streets and buzzes 24/7.
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