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Black Tomato


Take Leave for Tel Aviv

Posted: 27/02/2013 14:11

If Jerusalem is the Holy City, Tel Aviv is its wayward sister - made up of Mediterranean beaches, stylish bars, diverse cuisine and lively nightlife, it's a culture vulture's nirvana and one of Black Tomato's firm favourite city breaks. Emanating a feeling of the forever holiday, locals know how to live, taking full advantage of the city and all it holds. Do some neighbourhood hopping to appreciate just how eclectic one town can be, from the pretty oasis of Neve Tzedek to the ancient walled city of Jaffa to fashionable up-and-coming Florentin. Here are a few of our favourite things about Israel's second-biggest city.

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  • Peachy Beaches

    With the warm Mediterranean lapping the shores, one requisite stop whilst in Tel Aviv is the beach, lazily stretching along the west side of the city. Beach bums are in their element here with almost nine miles of wide sandy strand, dotted with volleyball games and matches of matkot – beach tennis Israeli-style. Stroll along the seaside promenade, the Tayelet, during the evening for a front-row view of a stunning sunset.

  • Where The Art Is

    When it comes to <a href="http://www.blacktomato.com/country/israel/luxury-holiday-in-israel/ "> museums and galleries </a>, the affectionately-known TA is the land of plenty. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, with the world’s largest collection of Israeli art, and the Diaspora Museum are two of the most popular, but a trip to the Gordon Street area of the city will bring you to some more exclusive galleries and unique exhibitions.

  • Bauhaus Powerhouse

    For Bauhaus buffs, look no further than the White City, replete with over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings - the most in the world and thus making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Flat roofs, pillars and horizontal strip windows - all signature Bauhaus features - can be seen everywhere but a visit to the Bauhaus Centre is a must, from which you can take a tour of the best architectural displays in the city.

  • Break Bread

    Labelled the <a href=" http://www.blacktomato.com/country/israel/luxury-israel-foodie-holiday/ "> culinary capital </a> of Israel, top of any Tel Aviv tourist’s list should be chowing down on the incredible varied food. Rich in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, this city is on the cutting edge of everything culinary. Breakfast on aromatic coffee and divine pastries from kiosks on Rothschild Avenue, grab falafel for lunch from a street food stall at Carmel Market and later take your pick from one of the many amazing seafront restaurants for a gourmet feast: eating out here never gets old.


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