Bye Bye Benitez

12/05/2016 14:53 | Updated 12 May 2017

I've had a bit of a love hate relationship with Newcastle United fans, I love their passion for their club and you have to have the up most respect for them for that, but you get one little transfer deal fall through like 'Bas Dost' not signing on Tuesday ;) and you would think I personally relegated them from the amount of abuse I got off a majority of them on Twitter!

But you have to hand it to them they are loyal to their club and you have to feel gutted for them this evening, everything was starting to look up for them they had Rafa and he was starting to turn it around, but now they've lost their place in the Premier League and brilliant Manager as Benitez (of course) had a get out clause in his contract if they went down.

Now, no one can deny Mike Ashley is a bit of a tool and hasn't really done his club, players or fans any favours which obviously angers the fans and they kinda push that negativity onto the team which is obviously not really going to help matters.

So what does the future hold for the toons? Well owner Mike Ashley said in a TV interview last year, 'I'm not going anywhere until we win something' well the best they can hope for now is winning the championship and getting back to the Premier League.

Newcastle is such a big name club but after this I'm not sure they'll attract such a big named manager again like Rafa in the future if they do manage to get back into the Premiere league, sad night on the Tyne tonight pet!

Fans who will be down tonight include:

My Boyfriend
Jimmy Nail
Bryan Ferry
Graeme Swann
Robson Green
Jerome flynn
Brian Blessed
Chris Eubank
John Mccririck
Ant and Dec
Cheyrl Tweedy
Mark Knofpler
Steve Harmison
Graeme Onions
Abhisit Vejjajiva (Former Thailand Prime Minister)

Haaaawayyy man best get in the Brown Ales and drown them sorrows