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Easter Face Paint: Woman Transforms Herself Into Alice In Wonderland's White Rabbit, We Can't Quite Believe Our Eyes

(0) Comments | Posted 1 April 2015 | (20:17)

If you're stuck for something to do this Easter, why not take some inspiration from Maria Malone Guerbaa?

The incredibly talented make-up artist has transformed herself into Alice In Wonderland's White Rabbit, and we can't quite believe our eyes.

Now, it might actually be quite...

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Fitspiration Month: Why We're Tackling Taboos With Positivity

(0) Comments | Posted 1 April 2015 | (00:00)

Let's be honest. No matter how much we all try to pretend to love hitting the gym, most of us (save a superhuman few) find exercising a complete and utter chore.

That's why we're dedicating the entire month of April to fitspiration, where we hope to inspire our...

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30 Day Squat Challenge - Plus How To Do The Perfect Squat

(6) Comments | Posted 31 March 2015 | (19:44)

Squats may seem easy-peasy at first glance, but anyone who's ever done more than 20 at once knows they're a pain in the derrière. Literally.

But on the path to getting that much-coveted Beyoncé booty, we're afraid the 'no pain no gain' policy applies.

Try the 30 day squat challenge...

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30 Day Ab Challenge - Plus How To Do Perfect Sit-Ups, Crunches, Leg Raises And Planks

(1) Comments | Posted 31 March 2015 | (19:44)

While we're anti-fad diets and bikini body madness here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we don't think there is anything wrong with getting in shape to feel body confident - as long as you're healthy and happy.

The 30 day ab challenge is a month-long exercise to kickstart your...

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What Is Raw Cacao?: Health Benefits, Recipes And Why It's Better For You Than Dark Chocolate

(1) Comments | Posted 31 March 2015 | (18:40)

If you've got a penchant for chocolate-y goodness, but don't want to load up on processed food or sugar then cacao might be just the ticket (especially around Easter time).

Cacao is the raw, unprocessed chocolate superfood on everyone's lips. Unlike your regular chocolate bar (or easter...

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AskMen's 'Most Outstanding Women Of 2015' List Celebrates Achievements Over Appearance

(1) Comments | Posted 30 March 2015 | (17:18)

It's official: 'hottest women' lists have had their day. (Well, kind of.)

Since as long as we can remember, traditional lads mags have released annual 'sexiest women' lists where they rate women on account of their looks.

But one men's publication, influenced presumably by the rise of...

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Could You Cope If Your Partner Cut Off His Beard? (We Certainly Couldn't)

(0) Comments | Posted 27 March 2015 | (22:10)

Picture this: you meet a man, you fall in love. He either had a beard when you met, or subsequently grew one. You love the beard as much as you love him (if not more)...

And then he shaves it off!

See how these women react to their husband's...

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#FreeTheNipple: Women Across Iceland Bare Their Breasts In Support Of Feminist Student Who Was Trolled Online

(91) Comments | Posted 27 March 2015 | (19:23)

The censorship of women's bodies has been hot topic since summer 2014 when the #FreeTheNipple movement first began.

Fast-forward to the present day and, while the movement has a legion of celebrity supporters and is the subject of a feature film, women are still being censored...

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We Celebrated #NationalCleavageDay The Best Way We Know How

(10) Comments | Posted 27 March 2015 | (16:22)

Today is National Cleavage Day, where women are encouraged to bare part of their breasts on social media to be oogled at by complete and utter strangers.

It probably goes without saying, but as ardent feminists here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, these kind of objectifying and debasing social media trends...

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I've Got a Confession to Make About My Body and You May Not Like It

(29) Comments | Posted 26 March 2015 | (23:00)

It's taken me almost 18 years to pluck up the courage to say it publicly, but here goes: I am a woman and I have periods.

I had my first period aged nine (I was in primary school) and it's happened about once a month ever since. It lasts for...

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These Incredible Women From Around The World Are Doing Amazing Things In Their Communities

(0) Comments | Posted 25 March 2015 | (19:54)

Despite making up 52% of the world's population, women are grossly under-represented in the media. While male politicians and world leaders dominate newspaper column inches, women are often reduced to sex objects or as victims.

But here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we're looking to challenge the status quo....

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Dad Enlists Two Adorable Daughters To Propose To Their Mum, She Obviously Says 'Yes'

(0) Comments | Posted 24 March 2015 | (15:35)

What's better than having your partner propose? Having your two adorable daughters propose on their behalf, of course.

That's exactly what happened to Caitlin Miller when her now-fiancé, Scott Worgan, decided to pop the question.

Worgan, who met Miller at work six years ago, got down on one knee armed...

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Dad Tells Daughter She's Going To Be A Big Sister, Her Reaction Is Priceless

(0) Comments | Posted 23 March 2015 | (16:46)

Kids really do say the funniest things...


Kids' Adorable Reaction To Parents' Baby News

Parents Surprise Daughters With 'We are Having Twins' Cake

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The Owner Of This Range Rover Must Really Regret Cheating

(22) Comments | Posted 23 March 2015 | (15:58)

A photo of a heavily vandalised Range Rover is going viral and anyone with an ounce of human decency - or a commitment to monogamy - can see why.

The image, which was shared to Imgur, shows the white vehicle being towed around New York City.

The car...

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Kerry Washington Delivers Kick-Ass Equality Speech At GLAAD Awards

(1) Comments | Posted 23 March 2015 | (14:09)

If you needed another reason to love Kerry Washington - but let's face it, you probably didn't - then look no further than her kick-ass acceptance speech at the annual GLAAD Awards (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

The 'Scandal' actress was awarded the Vanguard Award...

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What Makes A Man Attractive? Video Shows How Male Beauty Standards Vary Across The World

(38) Comments | Posted 20 March 2015 | (19:23)

Body image has long been seen as a female issue. But the world is (slowly) waking up to the fact that men suffer from the same insecurities and body hang ups as women.

A recent video, produced by Buzzfeed, explores male beauty ideals from across the...

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'It's A Basic Human Need': Indian Women Talk Openly About Masturbation

(2) Comments | Posted 20 March 2015 | (16:30)

Masturbation. Everyone does it, but no one ever talks about it. Especially when you're a woman.

But one group of women in Delhi, India, are breaking the silence around the issue and their candid accounts of self-pleasure are going viral.

"It's a basic human need, it's very natural,"...

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Five Microwave Food Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

(4) Comments | Posted 20 March 2015 | (15:22)

Microwaves are for more than just reheating leftover lasagne or blitzing scrambled eggs. When used imaginatively they can create some truly delicious treats to fill your belly up in no time.

Here are five easy-to-follow microwave tricks that can be prepared faster than you can say "ready meal".

Crispy Taco...

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'Sometimes It Just Hits You': Photo Shows Doctor's Emotional Break Down After Death Of 19-Year-Old Patient

(32) Comments | Posted 20 March 2015 | (14:09)

A photo of an ER doctor breaking down after the death of a 19-year-old patient is touching people around the world.

The image, which was posted to Reddit on Friday morning, shows the doctor crouched on the floor holding on to wall and offers an insight into the...

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Feminist Lingerie Is The Body-Positive Underwear We've Been Waiting For

(31) Comments | Posted 19 March 2015 | (19:20)

Lingerie and feminism have never been easy bedfellows. With half-naked women lying suggestively on beds or hanging off men in sharp suits, a typical lingerie advert is enough to make any right-thinking woman roll their eyes in disgust.

But one woman is refusing to look the...

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