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Kate Winslet Gives Body Positive Message To Daughter, Mia: 'We're So Lucky We're Curvy'

(0) Comments | Posted 29 July 2015 | (18:46)

As women we have a tendency to stand in front of the mirror and berate our bodies.

But our readiness to focus on the negative is damaging, not only for our own self-esteem, but for that of future generations. You never know what those tiny little ears are going...

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Man Shaves Off Beard After 14 Years, His Family's Reaction Is Priceless

(7) Comments | Posted 29 July 2015 | (15:57)

Amit has had a beard for the past 14 years, long before Hackney hipsters started to grow their facial hair.

The 44-year-old, known has "Mookie", has had a beard for so long that his wife and kids have never seen him without one.


So when he...

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#ThighReading: The Body Confidence Hashtag That Shows What Women's Legs Really Look Like

(8) Comments | Posted 28 July 2015 | (18:27)

Another day, another social media hashtag inspiring body confidence across the world. This time the focus is on our thighs.

#ThighReading is encouraging women to share pictures of their bare thighs online.

A play on palm reading, or palmistry, the hashtag encourages women to...

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Dad Creates Video Game About Young Son's Battle With Childhood Cancer (And It's Heartbreaking)

(0) Comments | Posted 27 July 2015 | (22:02)

A father has made a touching tribute to his son, who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer, by creating a video game in his honour.

Developer Ryan Green made 'That Dragon, Cancer', "an adventure game about hope in the face of death", not only as...

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Women In Business: Frame Co-Founder, Pip Black, On How She Built A Fitness Empire By Breaking Every Rule In The Book

(1) Comments | Posted 24 July 2015 | (22:02)

When Pip Black and Joan Murphy first came up with the idea for Frame eight years ago, the London fitness scene was bleak compared to the vibrant and ever-evolving offering on today.

The pair, who were 24 and 26 respectively, had both played competitive sport throughout...

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#Curvy Is Back: Instagram Unblock Hashtag After Removing It Due To 'Inappropriate Content'

(1) Comments | Posted 24 July 2015 | (15:43)

Last week, positive body image campaigners were up in arms after it was revealed that Instagram had blocked the hashtag #Curvy.

The hashtag had been disabled along with others including #Thinspo, which glorifies emaciated frames in a bid to inspire others to lose weight, because it collated "inappropriate...

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Feminist Artist Rupi Kaur, Whose Period Photograph Was Removed From Instagram: 'Men Need To See My Work Most'

(5) Comments | Posted 23 July 2015 | (22:12)

While you may not recognise Rupi Kaur, you'll certainly remember her work. Earlier this year an image from her photo series, Period, went viral after it was removed from Instagram - not once, but twice - for "violating the site's community standards".

The photograph, which has since been...

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Couple Recreate 1975 Wedding Photos For 40th Anniversary (And They're Adorable)

(3) Comments | Posted 22 July 2015 | (20:32)

Being married 40 years is no mean feat and this couple simply couldn't be happier to be together.

To mark the momentous occasion they decided to recreate their 1975 wedding photos by putting on the same outfits that the bride made for the big day - and they...

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Woman Launches Feminist, Intersectional Magazine About Periods (And No, It's Not A Monthly)

(1) Comments | Posted 21 July 2015 | (20:11)

Periods. Approximately half the world's population get them, and yet they remain a taboo subject which is seldom discussed.

Thankfully one woman hopes to change that. Soofiya Andry, 23, has launched her own 'zine (think of it as a small, self-published, low-cost magazine), called Bloody Hell,...

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Woman With 85% Burns Scars Has Message For Complete Strangers Who Judge Her And Her Partner

(2) Comments | Posted 20 July 2015 | (19:26)

A woman who has severe burn scars has spoken out against complete strangers who judge her and her partner.

Ash Shine, now 26, received 85% burns to her body during a house fire when she was just 17. After three years of walking around "like a mummy", she met and...

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Meet The 20-Somethings Helping Women Wave The 'Quarter-Life Crisis' Goodbye

(4) Comments | Posted 17 July 2015 | (21:11)

Once you hit your mid-twenties, most people fit into one of two camps.

You're either unemployed and doing interminable internships trying to land your dream job or you're already on the career ladder but feel completely overworked and overwhelmed.

This period of uncertainty has been dubbed the "

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If A Guy Ever Says He's 'Too Big To Wear A Condom' Show Him This

(4) Comments | Posted 16 July 2015 | (15:07)

A woman has come up with the perfect response to any man who claims his penis is 'too big' to wear a condom - by stretching one over her entire arm.

Emily, an 18-year-old from Utah, posted the image to Twitter and it has since gone viral, with 15,000 retweets...

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You Can't Search For #Curvy On Instagram Anymore, But The Terms Such As #Thin And #Skinny Are OK

(2) Comments | Posted 15 July 2015 | (20:51)

While there is a certainly an appetite for body confident, plus size models on Instagram (just check out Tess Holliday's 900K+ followers), any user searching for the hashtag "curvy" will be sadly disappointed.

A report on Buzzfeed revealed that #Curvy is one of a...

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Lena Dunham Felt 'Short And Chubby' Next To Taylor Swift & Co, Proving Even She Has Body Insecurities

(0) Comments | Posted 15 July 2015 | (16:13)

From the outside, Lena Dunham seems like the most body confident woman in the world.

Whether she's getting her kit off in 'Girls' or posting underwear shots to Instagram, she is proof that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to beauty.


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JK Rowling Sends Heartfelt Tweet To Paralysed Artist Who Was Told He 'Should Have Died' In Accident By Troll

(0) Comments | Posted 14 July 2015 | (22:31)

JK Rowling is using her Twitter account to take down vile online trolls one by one. And we can't get enough.

This time the Harry Potter author sent a heartfelt message to a paralysed artist who was attacked by a nasty troll who said he 'deserved to suffer'.

Henry Fraser...

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Meet Claira Hermet, The Brave 28-Year-Old Who Threw A Goodbye Party For Her Boobs Ahead Of Her Double Mastectomy

(0) Comments | Posted 14 July 2015 | (20:49)

Claira Hermet was just nine years old when her mum Jane died of breast cancer. Three years ago, her older sister Emily lost a six-year battle with the disease - she was only 31.

When Claira was just 19 she found out that, like her mother and sister,...

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Dying New Mum 'Overwhelmed' As Generous Strangers Help Her Plan Dream Wedding

(4) Comments | Posted 14 July 2015 | (16:37)

Becoming a parent is usually one of the most magical moments in a person's life, but for Annie Marston, 25, and her fiance Scott Benton, the day they welcomed their son Wyatt into the world was bitter sweet.

Days earlier Annie had been diagnosed with an aggressive

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Incredible Photo Of Transplant Recipient Posing With Heart In Her Hands Goes Viral (Again)

(0) Comments | Posted 13 July 2015 | (17:23)

A photograph of a woman holding her own heart in her hands is blowing the internet's mind - and it wouldn't be the first time.

Penny Smith, from California, received a heart transplant in September 2012 and, after four months recovering in hospital, decided to post this incredible photograph online.

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Female Football Players Get Married, Post Perfect Response To Haters And Homophobes

(33) Comments | Posted 13 July 2015 | (15:50)

Following the roaring success of the Women's World Cup, two female footballers have tied the knot - and their wedding was beautiful.

Erin McLeod, Canada's goalkeeper, married her longtime girlfriend, Ella Masar, an American footballer who is also McLeod's teammate on Houston Dash.

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'Project Awesome' Is Keeping Londoners Fit For Free With Water Fights, High Fives And A Lot Of Love

(3) Comments | Posted 10 July 2015 | (22:07)

There's no denying that London is having something of a fitness revolution. Everywhere you turn there's a yogi in neon leggings or a boutique gym offering crazy workouts.

But sadly, while exercise is vital for all of us to lead healthy, happy lives, not everyone can afford a...

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