Fashion Designers to Look Out for: Ema Ranger

17/09/2012 09:18 | Updated 11 November 2012

London Fashion Week is upon us and eyes will be peering out from under bug-eyed Chanel shades on the look out for the next Mcqueen's and MacCartney's.

One designer I stumbled upon is a recent fashion design technology graduate from London College Of Fashion, Ema Ranger.


Ema Ranger London is a menswear range with a strong focus on utility and sportswear. Her designs are a modern take on nineties street wear trends and are designed to be worn by people of "the street".


Her garments are designed to be unforgettable, impactful and interesting whilst also being well made, wearable and luxurious. She wants the wearer to be able to take any garment into their wardrobe and work it with all of their favorite looks.


The garments from Ema Ranger's pieces are often made from unconventional materials that wouldn't usually be found within a collection of this kind, this is to try and break the boundaries between "street wear" and high end menswear.


To find out more on Ema Ranger and her collection check out EmaRangerLondon and EmaRanger
Pics: Hill & Aubrey