Callum Macrae
Callum Macrae is a journalist and filmmaker who has worked extensively in the UK and other countries - most recently in Japan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Sudan, Congo, Iraq and the US.

He has reported, filmed and directed many award-winning television documentaries for Channel 4, the BBC, PBS in America and Al Jazeera English. He also writes occasionally for a number of papers and journals including the Observer, the Guardian, the Times and The Independent.

In the last year he directed the award-winning documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields for Channel 4 – which has been shown and acclaimed around the world – and has been nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

Last year he also reported and co-produced a film on the Japanese Tsunami for Nova which recently won the Columbia Dupont Award and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Award for the best long-form Science documentary of the year. He also reported and directed a film for Al Jazeera English from South Kordofan in Sudan – interviewing the commander of the rebel forces in a secret location in the Nuba Mountains and revealing the extent of the Khartoum governments attacks on civilians. It was hailed as ‘courageous reporting’ in the US Senate.

He has recently completed work on the sequel to the Sri Lankan film Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished, to be premiered in Geneva and then broadcast in the UK on Channel 4.

His other films include Iraq's Mission Billions - a Dispatches investigation filmed in the US and Iraq, into Coalition misuse of billions of dollars of Iraqi funds and two BBC Panorama investigations, On Whose Orders and Britain in the Dock, into serious allegations of prisoner abuse and unlawful killing by British troops in Iraq. Since 2003 he has made a number of films about Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army – warning against the dangers of attempting a simplistic military solution. He directed a two part series for Al Jazeera, presented by Rageh Omaar, whch critically examined the role of Africom - the US new military Command in Africa.

Before working in television, Macrae was an Edinburgh dustman for two years, an art teacher for eight years, a political cartoonist and Scottish Correspondent of The Observer.

Blog Entries by Callum Macrae

Why the Humiliation of Jason Russell is Such a Tragedy

(5) Comments | Posted 19 March 2012 | (00:00)

The success of 'Invisble Childrens' Kony 2012 campaign posed an enormous dilemma for those of us who have been engaged with the problem of the Lord's Resistance Army for many years.

Today it is no longer a dilemma; it is a tragedy. Not just a tragedy for Jason Russell,...

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Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

(15) Comments | Posted 13 March 2012 | (00:00)


The boy is naked from the waist up and lying on the ground. He has five neat little bullet holes in his chest. Beside him lie five men, also all dead, blood spilling from their gunshot wounds.


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