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Why the UK Must Remain Part of the EU

(1) Comments | Posted 22 November 2012 | (13:28)

As a young Conservative, by age rather than affiliation, I was strongly opposed to the European Union. After all, our ancestors had fought wars to defend this country against the military incursions of our continental cousins. Our economy was strong, our laws clear. As it still does, to a lesser...

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Welcome Greeks Bearing Debt

(0) Comments | Posted 11 May 2012 | (09:39)

No one should take comfort from the inevitable truth hurtling towards the Eurozone countries faster than Phidippides carried news of a previous Athenian disaster abroad. It is, like most truths, simple. Greece will sooner or later fall out of the Euro.

Pro-austerity parties cannot muster enough...

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Financial Sector Still Fighting for a Licence to Do Business

(0) Comments | Posted 17 April 2012 | (17:27)

Andrew Lansley emerged last week to declare that he wanted tobacco companies to have "no business" in the UK. In recent years we've seen similar Government-led interventions in the corporate world. From the Kremlin-led incursions into Yukos to the US Government's halt on CNOOC's takeover of Unocal. Currently the banking...

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