Carey Ann Dodah
Carey Ann Dodah is the Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning and a mother to a five and three year old. Explore Learning provides extra tuition in English and maths to children aged 5 to 14. They have 81 centres located across the country with over 21,000 children attending Explore Learning centre each week. All courses are aligned to the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence and Explore Learning tutors select appropriate resources for each child to ensure they cover a combination of courses, enabling them to reach their potential.
Explore Learning has been named Supplementary Education Provider of the Year for the past two years in the EducationInvestor Awards and was this year named the 16th Best Company to work for by the Sunday Times. Recent research by the University of Reading has shown that Explore Learning tuition is proven to be beneficial to both boys and girls, of all abilities, across all age ranges in the study, living in all socio-economic areas with a child’s improvement in maths being 30% higher than that of a child who doesn’t attend over a nine month period. Visit

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How to Create the World Book Day Authors of Tomorrow

(1) Comments | Posted 4 March 2014 | (11:32)

Thursday is World Book Day - a celebration of authors, illustrators, books - and reading - where children of all ages will come together to appreciate the art of reading! Designated by Unesco as a worldwide celebration of books, it has year-after-year attracted the very best authors in...

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Maths? Eurgh! It's Time to Inspire Your Children to Love Numbers

(0) Comments | Posted 21 November 2013 | (12:18)

Maths - the number of times I hear "I'm no good at maths!", "I hate it", "I'm not a numbers person", "I always fail at maths". The strange thing is, it's often said with a smile, a shrug, an acceptance that it's normal, it's ok. In contrast you would hardly...

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The 11+ - To Tutor or Not to Tutor

(0) Comments | Posted 6 November 2013 | (10:59)

I grew up in a part of the country where there was no grammar school culture. I attended the local comprehensive school where I thrived and have continued to have a very successful academic and professional career. Since working for Explore Learning I have come to fully understand...

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Read Aloud and Proud

(0) Comments | Posted 10 October 2013 | (15:55)

Last week I was saddened to hear recent statistics from the National Literacy Trust about the state of reading amongst children.

They found that not only are fewer children reading books for pleasure in their spare time but that more children than ever feel embarrassed to carry books...

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Extra Tuition Can and Should Be for All - Not Just the Wealthy

(0) Comments | Posted 20 September 2013 | (15:38)

Evidence has shown that private tuition is on the increase again this year but is it just the wealthy that have access to this service?

Recent research from a survey commissioned by education charity, The Sutton Trust, revealed that of those interviewed more than double the number of...

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How Do We Get British Boys Level With the Girls?

(0) Comments | Posted 9 September 2013 | (18:13)

The recent A-Level results showed boys excelling over girls by a gender gap of 0.6% - with 8% of boys' entries achieving an A* compared with 7.4% of girls, Congratulations boys!

However, at Explore Learning we found a very different story for boys in the results...

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Stand Up Straight, Tuck Your Shirt In and Try Not to Cry...

(0) Comments | Posted 2 September 2013 | (01:00)

My daughter started school last year and the year has flown by! These are just a few tips for the parents taking their children to primary school for the first time next week. The first day at school is one of the most memorable times in your life - for...

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Why Are Our Best Readers in School Failing the Government's New Phonics Screener?

(7) Comments | Posted 1 August 2013 | (16:17)

We keep hearing about strong, confident readers who have failed the government's new Year 1 phonic screener. Is it that our six year olds haven't mastered the art of reading readiness (the point at which a person is ready to learn to read) or is the government assessing the wrong...

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More Tests and League Tables Will Only Fuel the Low Confidence Epidemic Sweeping UK Children

(13) Comments | Posted 24 July 2013 | (01:00)

Last week Nick Clegg unveiled plans to test children's academic ability from the tender age of four years old in an attempt to create a baseline that their individual progress can be measured against. Coupled with the idea to rank 11-year-olds on a national scale, where they will be listed...

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