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Our NHS Is Under Threat From the Tories, Not the EU

(2) Comments | Posted 6 April 2016 | (21:48)

This morning David Owen gave a speech in which he claimed that Britain needs to leave the EU to protect the our Health Service. I have great respect for his work on the NHS but I disagree with Owen about leaving the EU - which will not remove...

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Tory Ministers Have Failed Our Steel Industry - It's Time for a Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy With Steel at Its Heart

(37) Comments | Posted 31 March 2016 | (15:06)

This week's crisis in Port Talbot and elsewhere has not come out of the blue - Britain's steel industry has been in trouble for some time now - and David Cameron, business secretary Sajid Javid, and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills all appear to have been...

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The Immigration Bill Shows How Parliament Needs to Up Its Scrutiny Game

(0) Comments | Posted 17 March 2016 | (23:00)

For all its shortcomings as an institution for scrutinising new legislation and holding the Government to account - and I've spoken and written extensively about those shortcomings! - Parliament does actually spend quite a lot of time and effort pouring over draft new legislation. Over a period of months, MPs...

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If We Leave Europe, Women's Hard-won Rights and Freedoms Will Be at Risk

(16) Comments | Posted 7 March 2016 | (23:00)

The theme of this year's International Women's Day is #PledgeForParity. We celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. We look back with pride on our mothers' and grandmothers' achievements, but also focus with anger and determination on the injustices which hold women back today. And we look...

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Leaving the EU Risks Dirty Beaches in Britain, Endangering Our Wildlife and Scuppering the Fight Against Climate Change

(19) Comments | Posted 2 February 2016 | (23:00)

Every summer, at the first hint of blue skies and sunshine, the beach in my constituency in Brighton fills up with people who have travelled from far and wide to enjoy the beautiful seaside. The scenes on those days are replicated across the country. We are people who, despite the...

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Why I Joined Junior Doctors on the Picket Line This Morning

(33) Comments | Posted 12 January 2016 | (14:46)

This morning I joined Junior Doctors on their picket line outside of St Thomas' Hospital - just across the river from the Houses of Parliament. Like thousands of their colleagues across the country these men and women had taken the difficult decision to go on strike for the first time...

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Air Strikes Would Only Harm Our Chances of a Diplomatic Solution in Syria

(25) Comments | Posted 30 November 2015 | (15:22)

Last week I listened carefully to the Prime Minister make his case for why the UK should join the bombing campaign against Isis. The debate in the House of Commons was thorough, and the horror and revulsion at recent atrocities in Syria, Paris, Beirut and elsewhere is shared by MPs...

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The Tories Are Retoxifying

(24) Comments | Posted 25 November 2015 | (20:42)

The retoxification of the Conservative Party is in full swing. Years away from a general election, and with an official opposition divided, ministers are dropping any pretence of compassionate conservatism. The heady days of huskies in the Arctic and hugging hoodies are long gone.

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Britain Needs a Truth Committee on Debt

(15) Comments | Posted 7 October 2015 | (00:00)

Over the last few days I've been in Greece as part of a delegation with the Greece Solidarity Campaign. The scale of the challenge facing the Greek people, though already at the forefront of my mind, has been amplified by the many people I've met who describe to me a...

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An Effective Counter Terrorism Strategy Must Uphold the Sanctity of the Law

(1) Comments | Posted 24 September 2015 | (15:16)

Today, in conjunction with the Green peer Jenny Jones and international human rights group Reprieve, I launched a legal challenge to force the UK Government to come clean over its 'targeted killing' of people in countries where Britain is not at war. It's a response to what the Prime Minister...

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To Protect Workers' Rights We Must Campaign to Stay in the EU

(13) Comments | Posted 17 September 2015 | (00:00)

This week we witnessed a jubilant Conservative party bring the Trade Union Bill to Parliament for its second reading. This pernicious piece of legislation - with its new turnout rules, and requirement on picketers to wear 'armbands' - aims to further undermine the rights we have to take industrial action....

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An Ethical and Effective Global Drugs Policy Is at Last on the Horizon

(2) Comments | Posted 19 August 2015 | (12:51)

After 50 years of a failed war against drugs we finally have an opportunity to introduce a rational approach to one of the world's most intractable problems - the illegal drugs trade which is financing terrorism and international crime.

The United Nations will have a Special Session on global drug...

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The First 100 Days of Conservative Rule Have Been Grim for Anyone Who Cares About Securing a Safe Climate for Our Children and Grandchildren

(19) Comments | Posted 7 August 2015 | (00:00)


To mark 100 days of the first Conservative government in nearly 20 years, HuffPost UK is running 100 Days of Dave, a special series of blog posts from grassroots campaigners to government ministers, single parents to first-year students, reflecting on what's worked...

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Dark Days for Democracy in Greece

(62) Comments | Posted 13 July 2015 | (14:02)

These are dark days for anyone who believes in democracy. Against the will of the Greek people, and in spite of the plain economic facts, EU ministers and the IMF are inflicting ever more pain on a country that's already been utterly devastated by austerity.

The latest announcements from Eurozone...

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Heathrow Might Have Been His Answer, but Davies Was Asking the Wrong Question

(18) Comments | Posted 1 July 2015 | (09:14)

After years of work, and under the pressure of intense lobbying by the aviation industry, Sir Howard Davies has finally published his report on airport expansion today. His proposal: Europe's biggest noise polluter, Heathrow Airport, should expand.

The decision has been framed simply: Gatwick or Heathrow? More...

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To Stop This Government's Worst Instincts, Progressives Must Work Together

(28) Comments | Posted 28 May 2015 | (00:00)

It's hard to pick out the most alarming part of Wednesday's Queen's speech. From the glaring omission of substantial concrete action on climate change, to proposals to further dismantle our welfare state, it's increasingly urgent that progressives come together - both to challenge the Government's destructive and divisive programme, and...

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The Treasury Must End Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels and Get Behind Clean Energy

(38) Comments | Posted 17 March 2015 | (23:00)

George Osborne once said he had big plans for his term as Chancellor.

Big green plans.

Before the last General Election, he crowed that, under a Conservative government, no longer would the Treasury be "the cuckoo in the nest when it comes to climate change".

His party leader went...

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A Step Forward on Sex and Relationship Education Is Long Overdue

(26) Comments | Posted 26 February 2015 | (08:03)

Take a look at PMQs: just daring to be a woman can draw an audible mutter. Dare to be a woman and mention sex and you've really done it - the red-faced buffoonery lets rip in earnest.

In the past, voices calling for improved Sex Ed in...

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The Government Is Moving Mountains for Shale, In Defiance of the Science and of Public Feeling

(43) Comments | Posted 26 January 2015 | (13:37)

Today, the SNP will join MPs from across the benches to call for a freeze on fracking.

The move backs a report, published today, from the Environmental Audit Committee (the EAC, of which I'm a member) to coincide with the final Commons stages of the...

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There Is a Popular, Practical and Uncostly Way to Fix Our Railways... So What's the Delay?

(74) Comments | Posted 8 January 2015 | (23:00)

It's become a sort of perverse holiday tradition, the festive rail fare hike coinciding with most folk's first day back at work.

This year the Government capped regulated fares at 2.5%. 'Tis election season after all, and prices have already soared by more than 20% under the Coalition....

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