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Here Comes the Sun: Summer Reminds Why I Love Fashion

(0) Comments | Posted 31 March 2012 | (14:24)

I consider myself a very frugal person.

Up until a few days ago I had not bought a single item of clothing in three and a half months. Count them. Three and half months; that's 14 weeks or 98 days or even (approximately) 2352 hours.

Now this may make...

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Do They Know It's Christmas?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 December 2011 | (21:32)

Way back in the dark days of the Thatcherite eighties, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure got together with a group of friends to speculate about whether the famine stricken populations of Africa knew it was Christmas. However they never thought to ask the hungry residents of the UK.

A report...

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Isn't it Time Occupy London Goes Home?

(0) Comments | Posted 6 November 2011 | (09:41)

I admire the Occupy London protesters in an odd sort of way. Despite what anyone thinks about who they are, where they sleep and their choice of hot beverages, nobody camps out all day every day in St Paul's Cathedral unless their committed to their cause.

However, that does not...

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Are Unpaid Internships an Example of Market Failure?

(1) Comments | Posted 11 October 2011 | (14:47)

It's that time of year again. The days are starting to get shorter, the weather is getting colder (sort of) and the mad rush to secure a graduate job is looming for every final year university student or perhaps even school leaver in the country. However, the mad rush for...

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Government Latest Measure Confirms its Education Policy is Still Stuck in the Fifties

(3) Comments | Posted 25 August 2011 | (00:00)

Last year, we saw the introduction of the English Baccalaureate that showed British school children that any skill or talent that they have that lies outside traditional academia is essentially worthless.

We have the ongoing drive to set up 'free schools' and give pushy, blinkered parents power over the education...

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Young People Are Receiving Their Usual Bad Press

(3) Comments | Posted 12 August 2011 | (20:16)

Yesterday during the House of Commons debate over the recent riots across the UK, Mike Gapes pointed out that David Cameron had been speaking for an hour and a half without saying anything positive about 'youths'.

Inevitably, over the coming days when various members of my generation are wheeled out...

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E-Petition Shows Mob Rule Is Back In Fashion

(0) Comments | Posted 12 August 2011 | (18:09)

So the very questionable e-petition website, where a paltry 100,000 people (a small percentage of the electorate) can dictate what parliament debates, has finally found an issue to force under the nose of the political classes.

Of course their first choice is as typically draconian and unworkable as you...

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What Passes for Political Protest These Days?

(0) Comments | Posted 16 July 2011 | (14:19)

Undoubtedly, you will have heard by now that the News of the World is no more and the first of its many heads has rolled. However, the hounds at the door of Murdoch's crumbling print empire show no signs of abating.

A boycott campaign has risen up on social media...

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