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What's Your Cat Really Thinking?

(2) Comments | Posted 14 May 2013 | (10:30)

Who can resist a cute, funny or even "grumpy" cat? Moggies are an internet hit and provide us with lots of laughs - but do their online personas reflect the real musings of a cat?

Everyone adores kittens, cats are beautiful and lovely images of them snuggling up to...

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Why Dita Von Teese's Cat Made Her Late to the Party

(0) Comments | Posted 17 December 2012 | (13:45)

The news that Dita von Teese was late to a launch party when her cat napped on her chosen outfit will strike a chord with every cat and dog owner.

Of course it's not the first time that an animal has disrupted human plans (Legend has it that the...

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From Dog Pound to Thousands of Pounds - The Inequality of Pets

(3) Comments | Posted 12 December 2012 | (23:00)

The shocking inequalities of China's dog population have recently been reported in the British media.

While some highly prized breeds can sell for up to a million pounds (last year a Chinese dog became the world's most expensive dog when it sold for $1.5 million) others are...

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What Caused the Downing Street Catfight?

(3) Comments | Posted 18 October 2012 | (10:32)

It seems that there's not only tensions within the government - it's even spread to their pet cats. Blue Cross chief vet Caroline Reay reveals what actually caused the early morning Downing Street catfight between the Prime Minister and Chancellor's moggies...

The Downing Street catfight is another illustration of...

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