Caroline White
Caroline White is a working mum living in Bath with her husband Simon and their three children - Seb, 5, Dominic, 2 and Polly, 7 weeks. She hit the headlines in late 2012 when, after a plea to several retailers to represent 'difference', M&S used her son Seb in their high profile Christmas campaign - on TV, online and in-store. Seb has and made history as the first model with Down's syndrome to be featured in a high profile UK TV ad campaign. Caroline is passionate about raising awareness of Down's Syndrome in an attempt to banish the outdated stereotypes that still exist about the condition. She regularly writes blogs about their typical family life together and hopes specifically to help new parents or parents-to-be see from the outset that their child is an individual and not a condition. Caroline regularly speaks of her own experience, from the (unnecessary) heartbreak at being told about Seb's diagnosis to the pride she feels now. She is also passionate about inclusion, in schools and communities, which she believes will breed a new generation of acceptance and will ensure people with a learning disability are treated as equal and valued members of society.

Caroline is a keen speaker and in April 2013 she was invited to speak at a Tedx event organised by Kings College London titled 'Beyond the Genes'. She has also worked closely with the Dept of Work and Pensions on their recent Role Models campaign, designed to inspire young adults with a disability. Her links with Mencap and The Down's Syndrome Association have taken her to events at the House of Lords and No 10 Downing Street, hosted by Samantha Cameron, and this summer the Special Olympics Great Britain is hosting the games in her home city of Bath. Caroline is delighted to be involved in the Youth Activity Programme which aims to set up an inclusive sports programme as part of the Games legacy committee.

When she has any spare time(!), she enjoys running and completed the Bath Half Marathon in 2011 to raise money for Bath Opportunity Pre-School.

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My Son: My Greatest Teacher

(0) Comments | Posted 16 June 2015 | (12:00)

Many people still don't know what a learning disability is - and it's an education we all need to have. But if you asked me who has taught me the most in life out of all the people I've met, it would have to be my first born son, Sebastian....

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Ticking Hands of Time and 'Up Down Boy' by Sue Shields

(0) Comments | Posted 23 October 2013 | (16:47)

I have been conscious of time and how quickly it passes for a long time now, a very long time, in fact. As a small girl of about 8 years old, a friend of my Grandfather told me how precious being young is and to savour every second. As a...

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Still Learning

(1) Comments | Posted 27 September 2013 | (01:00)

A couple of days ago I was holding my baby daughter in my arms and something happened that literally took my breath away. I glanced down at her and was struck by how much she looked like her oldest brother. It could have been him in my arms. On the...

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(11) Comments | Posted 21 September 2013 | (01:00)

This morning at school drop off something happened that made my heart swell and almost burst out of my chest with pride. It was a really small thing, something that most people would have barely noticed, but for me it was a BIG deal.

I love the drop off...

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The Irony of the Cliche

(3) Comments | Posted 6 September 2013 | (01:00)

It is an overblown cliche that people with Down's syndrome are "loving and giving". If I had a pound for every well meaning person who has said that to me, I'd be living in a bigger house with a bigger kitchen. Maybe even a driveway.

It is always said...

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Let the Games Begin...

(1) Comments | Posted 30 August 2013 | (14:33)

Wednesday evening was the official opening ceremony to the Special Olympics National GB Summer Games Bath 2013. It was the most beautiful balmy summer's evening and just sitting on a picnic rug, with close friends and family in front of the architecturally magnificent Royal Crescent, would have been...

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A Very Special, Special Olympics

(1) Comments | Posted 28 August 2013 | (13:03)

Tonight is the official opening of the Special Olympics National Summer Games GB, the country's largest sports event for athletes with intellectual disabilities, held every four years.

As a resident of the city my family and I are SO excited that the 9th National Summer Games are...

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I Wouldn't Swap Our Family for the World

(0) Comments | Posted 21 August 2013 | (01:00)

This week is Mencap's Learning Disability Week (19 - 25 August). The charity is calling for people with a learning disability and their families to share their stories and is asking the question; who is your real-life superhero?

My (our) real life superhero

If you asked...

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