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Hi, I’m Carrie, I’m a TV Presenter. That’s what I do. Who I am is a girl that was told never to expect to get her life back after spending half my Twenties housebound and then in a wheelchair. What I did was prove everyone who told me this wrong.

What I do now is show anyone who needs it how to get from where I was physically to where I am now. Out of the bed, out of the chair and back into the world strong, healthy and confident. Their very own Life After. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Three years ago my own mother used to dress and feed me, I needed constant care and full time support. Now I’m on National TV. Walking, working, living and loving every minute of it.

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The Hashtag Football Hooligans of Euro 2016

(0) Comments | Posted 15 June 2016 | (16:23)

I just wanted to impress my new French friends

I like kick-offs. In football stadiums. Where they belong.

It's the unofficial ones where people kick off with each other, that aren't my favourite.

We won't get sent home

Euro 2016 is on right now. An event that,...

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Hard Sell Sobriety

(1) Comments | Posted 7 June 2016 | (00:00)

I used to drink a lot.

It was rubbish.

Then I stopped.

And things got very, very, very good.

I mean, there is a bit more to it than that. But, essentially, that's what it comes down to, for me.

A lot of people get in touch with me. And...

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The Forum Post That Scared Me Sober

(0) Comments | Posted 29 April 2016 | (19:12)

When I was trying to "give up" drinking. You know, doing it with the mindset that it was a sacrifice, the world was quite a different place.

Facebook was yet to turn up on the scene. Twitter was a twinkle in his daddy's eye. People were still instant messaging...

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Why Don't You Drink Now?

(11) Comments | Posted 20 April 2016 | (00:00)

It's easy enough for most people to understand why a person who feels powerless around alcohol would want to be a non-drinker.

Eleven years ago I was definitely one of those people.

I'm not now. I haven't been for many, many years.

I don't feel like alcohol is more...

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Spring Forward? Or Fall Back

(0) Comments | Posted 31 March 2016 | (13:59)

Spring. Pretty bloody great time of year, all things considered. Daffodils blooming. Fluffy little lambs frolicking all over the shop. Waking up to our old friend the sun, instead of pitch black mornings.

Seems like the ideal time to stop drinking, really, doesn't it? A chance to feel fresh...

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Why the Smug Sober B*st*rd Brigade Must Be Stopped

(17) Comments | Posted 8 January 2016 | (10:58)

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, has announced a reduction in the daily maximum intake of alcohol recommended for men. Essentially making the units recommended for men the same amount as what used to be recommended for women. (I always try to read sentences like these, but I hear...

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How to Avoid the Dark Side of Dry January

(1) Comments | Posted 6 January 2016 | (23:00)

In 2013 the charity Alcohol Concern launched a campaign called Dry January. Its premise was simple. Encourage people to abstain from drinking after the heavy festive season, and raise some money for charity whilst doing so.

It was a lovely idea

In theory.

In practice? Not so much.


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The Nightmare of a January Detox for Reformed Clean Eaters

(1) Comments | Posted 4 January 2016 | (23:00)

Anyone who is trying to overcome a fixation with healthy or clean eating knows that January is an absolute nightmare.

Other people are undertaking detoxes as a form of penance for sins they have committed in December. But people fixated on healthy eating do not see this.

They do not...

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Dear Government Folk, This Is How You Can Stop Us Drinking Two Days a Week

(17) Comments | Posted 1 January 2016 | (23:00)

Dear Government Folk,

I woke up this morning to the nice newsreader lad on the telly informing me that you'd decided we should all stop drinking for two days a week, due to new guidelines you'd had a go at making.

I waited eagerly for the second part of your...

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How to NOT Make a Calendar This Christmas

(0) Comments | Posted 6 December 2015 | (21:13)

It was a simple enough idea; Create a calendar so full of ideas and alternative hobbies, that for an entire year, every time I got an email asking "but what will I do with my time if I don't drink anymore" I could simply point to this calendar and shout...

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How to Party Your Sober Ass Off at the Work Christmas Do

(0) Comments | Posted 4 December 2015 | (23:00)

You work your ass off all year round. You go in when you are sick. When you can't be bothered. When the person sat next to you insists on talking at you, even though you'd rather swallow your own face than hear another anecdote about their children. You put the...

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Trust Her, She's a Doctor...

(0) Comments | Posted 20 November 2015 | (12:13)

"Sometimes you just have to trust another person's instincts"

My life has shown me that the biggest epiphanies come in the most unlikely of places. I just never expected a hospital treatment room to be one of them.

And I definitely didn't expect the words of a Nuclear...

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Why Loving You is the Antithesis to My Chronic Fear

(0) Comments | Posted 15 November 2015 | (13:04)

I was never a very curious person by nature. It always took crisis to motivate me to seek answers.

Fear found me quite suddenly. Just a moment. That's all it took. A split second. My life pivoted and all darkness became all I knew.

I lived in fear of fear...

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What You Aren't Telling Your Doctor About That Stomach Ache

(0) Comments | Posted 21 October 2015 | (16:48)

It's got to be coeliac

You are tired. All the time. Your stomach hurts. All the time.

I must have a gluten intolerance

You go to your GP. Even though you don't want to, because everyone knows the GPs know nothing...

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CC Sabathia and the Quandary of Addiction in Sports

(1) Comments | Posted 5 October 2015 | (23:26)

It's not an actual injury though. Is it?

CC Sabathia is good at making headlines. He did it when he signed with the Yankees before the start of the 2009 season and became the highest-paid pitcher in Major League Baseball history.

There's nothing physically wrong with him.

He continued...

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It's Hard to Speak My Heart

(0) Comments | Posted 15 September 2015 | (13:08)

It's easy for me to draw a very definite line between who I used to be and who I am now. To pinpoint when my old life ended and my new life began.

I felt myself change irreversibly as I lay dying on my bathroom floor. It was a...

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Why Learning to Listen to Experts Is a Vital Skill in Recovery

(0) Comments | Posted 5 September 2015 | (14:54)

The best thing I can recommend is you take a job in a charity shop for a few hours a week. Don't push yourself.

I'm not very good at being told what I can't do. But I'm also fairly bad at being told what to do. Which leaves a...

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The Last Five Years

(0) Comments | Posted 31 August 2015 | (00:00)

I moved to London in my very early twenties to go to Drama School. I didn't know much about Drama School so I chose an old famous one because I thought that a combination of old and famous would mean it was so strict that I would have to adhere...

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Coming Full Circle With Orthorexia Nervosa

(0) Comments | Posted 24 August 2015 | (00:00)

When I was in the throes of orthorexia I would spend hours obsessing over cookbooks, before and after stories, dietary plans. I spent a lot of time reading and almost zero time actually cooking because what the hell was I supposed to eat? What if I was doing it wrong?

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The Ties That Bind Us

(0) Comments | Posted 18 August 2015 | (16:14)

I went to the future. But when I got there I couldn't find you.

I searched everywhere I could think of, but there was no trace of you. It was the same story every place I went. When I asked about you people just looked at me blankly.


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