39 Gifs to Mark 'Star Wars: A New Hope' Turning 39

25/05/2016 16:03 | Updated 25 May 2016

Let's be honest, it's not an exaggeration to call the creation of Star Wars the single greatest achievement in the history of mankind.

Having said that, it's only fitting that today, on the 39th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope being released in cinemas, we revisit exactly why that is.

So here's 39 gifs in celebration of just how amazing Star Wars is.

1) This is cheating, it's not a gif but come on, who doesn't feel chills right now?


2) Ok NOW who isn't excited?

3) It has probably the most iconic opening shot in film...

4) Definitely the baddest villain in all of film

5) Who chokes fools out on the reg...

6) Even if they're on his side?

7) There's Leia's gloriously silly hair

8) Leia's Tarkin shade

9) Leia's Vader shade

10) Leia's "short for a stormtrooper" shade

11) Leia's natural leadership qualities

12) Basically, everything about Princess Leia, ok? She's awesome.

13) There's Luke Skywalker, the original man-baby

14) Luke Skywalker, forever alone

15) That is, until he meets this old wizard guy

16) (Who gives him the coolest weapon ever)

17) Until he...

18) Dies and leaves Luke on his own again (#sadnessinhiseyes)

19) Luke does save the galaxy in the end though, so fair play to him.

20) There's C-3PO, camp as Christmas

21) And his love-hate old married couple act with R2-D2!

22) R2 gives as good as he gets though...

23) And even if he always gets everyone in trouble...

24) The heroic astromech always saves the day in the end.

25) Speaking of heroes...

26) How can we forget the most coolest...

27) Most rapscallion-est...

28) Most charming...

29) Most swashbuckling...

30) Too cool for school...

31) Pilot of the fastest ship in the galaxy (it finished the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs don't you know...)

32) The one and only...

33) Oh, and Chewbacca is pretty cool too

34) And really comfy to hug

35) Even if he is a big wuss.

36) Let's give it up for these clowns too

37) I mean come on...

38) So there you have it, the best film ever made

39) And remember kids...