Chris Huhne
Chris Huhne has been the Member of Parliament for the Eastleigh constituency in Hampshire since 2005, having been the member of the European Parliament for the same area for six years (1999-2005). On entering parliament, Chris Huhne served as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury until 2006 when he became Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and then most recently, Shadow Home Secretary.

Before entering politics, Chris was a financial and economic journalist for nineteen years at the Guardian, Independent and the Economist. He also founded one of the City’s largest teams of economists advising pension funds on overseas investments.

Blog Entries by Chris Huhne

Electricity Market Reform: Keeping the Lights on in the Cheapest, Cleanest Way

Posted 12 July 2011 | 11:32:26 (EST)

I have three key goals with our new electricity market reform, which I have been working on for months and which goes live today. The first is to keep the lights on by encouraging a big wave of replacement investment in power plants. The second is to ensure that our...

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