Chris Wickett
Comedy writer and director Chris Wickett has had his films featured everywhere from Chortle to the Skeptic’s Guide To The Universe and has filmed for the BBC, Future Publishing and The Royal Academy Of The West Of England.

He writes absurd comedy, including ‘Eggtheism: under the shell’, an investigation into the lives of the 1 million people that put ‘Egg’ as their religion on the 2011 UK census, and Ribaud’s Fish, a story of betrayal and suspicion in which a man’s pet goldfish is promoted ahead of him.
Chris is the co-chief of science-comedy production team Shut Up Infinity, who recently produced ‘Skepticism: The New Miracle Life Cure’. Their comedy web series ‘The Universe Is Going To Kill You’ will arrive in 2013.

Blog Entries by Chris Wickett

A Wondrous New Year's Manifesto for a Republic of Great Britain

(0) Comments | Posted 28 December 2012 | (11:35)

Our capital is fit to burst. Groaning under the weight of the Commonwealth, London now suffers more countries-per-monarch than any other city in Europe. This economic burden is just one of many constitutional injustices our head-of-state inflicts upon her subjects. So why did support for the monarchy reach a record...

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Stamping on a Three-Year-Old Child's Toy Unicorn is just Healthy Skepticism

(0) Comments | Posted 18 December 2012 | (18:10)

As a skeptic, I like my opinions to be based on empirical fact. I take my science scrutinised, my logic sensible... and my evidence? Hard. I follow the code of logic and reason, and I champion this cause wherever I have the opportunity. I do it because skepticism - seeing...

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