Bumps Not Unexpected En Route to First Ever Star Alliance Terminal

02/06/2014 16:08 | Updated 30 July 2014

Writing from London -- When I arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this week for my United Airlines flight to London, the check in agent had bad news; while a reservation appeared in her system, the ticket processed by Lufthansa, had not been generated. To fix this, I'd have to walk to the next terminal and get Lufthansa to sort it out. 

Forty-five minutes later the problem was solved. Only the exceedingly pleasant demeanor of the United agents mitigated my frustration at the disconnect between these two airlines, who are supposed to be thisclose under the Star Alliance.

The soon-to-open Queen's Terminal 2, at Heathrow is going to change all that, I am told. Very soon, the people flying on any of the 23 airlines in Star, will move "seamlessly" through the process from check in to baggage claim. If all goes well. At least in London.



That's because the two dozen airlines along with Aer Lingus and German Wings will now all be together in Terminal 2, the first terminal dedicated to the near exclusive use of members of one airline partnership. It will offer common automated boarding pass kiosks and baggage drops and gates so close to each other that minimum transfer times will be cut in half, from two hours to one.