26 March 2017

This Guy's Mum Hasn't Quite Got The Hang Of Whatsapp And The Internet Thinks It's Hilarious

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The Donald Trump In A Truck Meme Is Exactly What Your Friday Needs

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Woman Entrusts Friend To Design Her First Tattoo, It Backfires Spectacularly

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Trump's Administration's Maddest Moment Happened Yesterday And He Wasn't Even Involved

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Middle Class Britain Nears Full Scale Revolt Over Changes To Waitrose Free Coffee Offer

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Russell Kane Reveals Post-’Drunk History’ Ordeal That Is (Genuinely) The Grossest Thing Ever

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Sean Spicer Has Real-Life 'Melissa McCarthy Moment' In Spat With Reporter

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31 Donald Trump Voters Who Really Regret Their Decision And Why

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Flight Attendant Recreates Britney's 'Toxic' Video With All Of The Sass

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12 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up The Shock And Absurdity Of George Osborne’s New Job


10 Ridiculous Jobs For Politicians That Are Totally Realistic Now Osborne Edits A Newspaper

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Man Offers To Take Photo Of Couple On Beach, Takes Adorable Selfie Instead

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Question Time Prompts Peak-Corbynista Conspiracy After Astonishing Audience Rant


McDonald's Tweets At Donald Trump Calling Him 'Disgusting Excuse Of A President'

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The Parodies Of The Skype Dad Interview Are Absolutely Brilliant

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Decide What The Best (And Worst) Names For The UK Without Scotland Would Be

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James Blunt Anonymous Is The Support Group You Need But Won't Admit To


Liam Fox Denies Sending Tweet Whilst Sitting In Front Of Massive Picture Of It

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Watch Andrew Marr Lose It When He Thinks The Cameras Have Stopped Rolling