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Clare Pennington

It Means Nothing to Me: Turner Prize-Winner Susan Philipsz's First Collaboration With her Father is Exhibited in China

Clare Pennington | Posted 11 April 2012 | UK Culture

Beijing is not the first place you'd think of finding Turner Prize-winner Susan Philipsz. But the artist, who usually creates works of sound sculpture from Celtic or Western pieces of music, is part of a new trend. British artists exhibiting solo in Beijing this month include sculptor Tony Cragg and...

Kate Lawson

Man Ray: Self-Portrait (Book Review)

Kate Lawson | Posted 10 April 2012 | UK Culture

"A camera alone does not make a picture. To make a picture you need a camera, a photographer and above all a subject. It is the subject that determines the interest of the photograph." (Man Ray - Oct. 2, 1966)


When I think...

V.C. Linde

Review of 'Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy' by Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo

V.C. Linde | Posted 10 April 2012 | UK Culture

Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy - Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo
Quadrille - April 12th 2012
Photography: David Loftus.

This book arrived on my doorstep in an envelope with the notation AC/GC written on it. This is how I shall refer to the two...