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Tracey Emin And JMW Turner Go On Display At Tate Britain's 'Looking For The View'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Sam Parker | 14 April 2013 | UK Culture
Works by Tracey Emin and JMW Turner have gone on show in an exhibition on British landscape art. 'Looking For The View' examines how artists have depicted their surroundings during the last 300 years. The Tate Britain show looks at how artists who appear to have little in common take...

A Poem For Valentine's Day: Bridget Minamore Performs 'Kings College Hospital' (VIDEO)

Sam Parker | 13 April 2013 | UK Culture
In a week when we tend to sentimentalize love, Bridget Minamore recalls getting a glimpse of the real thing in an unlikely place: sat in hospital after breaking her foot. Bridget is a 20-year-old writer and student from London who has won numerous poetry slams across the capital, including

7 Mind-Bending Tributes To MC Escher, By Erik Johansson

Sam Parker | 13 April 2013 | UK Culture
These mend-bending images are the handiwork of Erik Johansson, whose dream-like photo manipulations we've featured before. The 27-year-old artist from Sweden has clearly been revisiting MC Escher, the Dutch graphic artist who popularised 'impossible constructions' like his self-drawing hands in 'Drawing Hands' (1948) and staircases that...

A Poem For Valentine's Day: James Bunting Performs 'Cathy'

Sam Parker | 13 April 2013 | UK Culture
Kicking off a week of original love poetry on HuffPost UK this is James Bunting - a regular performer at Bang said the Gun, Chill Pill and Come Rhyme with Me. You can see him perform at any of these nights in London, or...

Remembering Sylvia Plath: Her Best Quotes On The Anniversary Of Her Death

Sam Parker | 13 April 2013 | UK Culture
It's 50 years ago today that Sylvia Plath lost her life-long battle with depression, and took her own life. Since then her reputation as a poet has grown and grown, but it is still the semi-autobiographical novel 'The Bell Jar' for which she is best known and loved. The story...

Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens Could Be The Next Mr Darcy

WENN | Sarah Dean | 11 February 2013 | UK Entertainment
Former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens looks set to be swapping one stately home for another as he is the favourite to take a coveted role in a Pride And Prejudice spin-off. The British actor, who played Matthew Crawley in the hit TV show, is lining up new...

Albert Einstein Letters To Corliss Lamont To Sell At Auction

PA/Huffington Post UK | Sam Parker | 12 April 2013 | UK Culture
Four previously undiscovered letters written by Albert Einstein are to go under the hammer, an auction house has revealed. The Nobel Prize winner wrote the letters, said to be a "unique collection", to socialist philosopher Corliss Lamont, who was accused by Senator Joseph McCarthy of being "un-American" for his suggestions...

Desolate Heaven (REVIEW): Too Much, Too Young - The Burden Of Nursing A Parent

Matthew Tucker | 12 February 2013 | UK Culture
As our bodies, emotions and relationships change from the inside out, we must all ride the hormonal rollercoaster of our teenage years. Irish playwright Ailís Ní Ríain explores the tumultuous adventure of two runaway teenagers in Desolate Heaven, a new piece of writing at Theatre503. Contending...

New Exhibition At Tate Liverpool Explores 70s Glam Culture

Sam Parker | 10 April 2013 | UK Culture
The glam era of the mid-1970s is the subject of a new exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Featuring work by David Hockney, Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman, ‘Glam! The Performance of Style’ looks at the extravagance, experimentation and exhibitionism of the brief but beautiful movement...

Dub Poet Jean 'Binta' Breeze Awarded MBE

PA/Huffington Post UK | Sam Parker | 10 April 2013 | UK Culture
Jamaica's first female dub poet, who found fame in the UK, has described her delight at being awarded an MBE - despite criticism from a few of her friends. Jean Breeze has been a leading light in performance poetry after moving to the UK in the 1980s, bringing a distinct...

Book Returned To New York Library 55 YEARS After It Was Borrowed.

Sam Parker | 10 April 2013 | UK Culture
There's honesty, and then there's madness. Quite where this story falls, we'll let you decide. A library in New York was shocked this month when a book was returned to them - 55 years after it was borrowed. The copy of...

Book Returned To New York Library 55 Years After It Was Borrowed

Sam Parker | 10 April 2013 | UK Culture
There’s honesty, and then there’s madness. Quite where this story falls, we’ll let you decide. A library in New York was shocked this month when a book was returned to them – 55 years after it was borrowed. The copy of...

Celebrities Imagined As 'Anthropomorphic Freaks' By US Artist

Sam Parker | 10 April 2013 | UK Culture
In a world where celebrity images are seemingly infinite, there’s something quite refreshing – OK, we mean odd – about Jessie Bowie’s paintings. The US artist, in her own words, "sits at the kitchen table and paints anthropomorphic freaks", the result being Michael Jackson as a tiger, David Bowie as...

James Patterson Most Borrowed Author In Libraries Last Year

PA/Huffington Post UK | Sam Parker | 9 April 2013 | UK Culture
Publishing phenomenon James Patterson has tightened his stranglehold on UK libraries as the year's most borrowed author with the most popular title, new figures show. The US writer also has eight books in the top 20 of the most frequently taken out titles - one more than the previous year....

Ice Age Art To Go On Show At British Museum

PA/Huffington Post UK | Sam Parker | 9 April 2013 | UK Culture
Ancient works of Ice Age art are going on show in a new exhibition. Among the exhibits at the British Museum are a 23,000-year old mammoth ivory sculpture found in France and a baked clay figure of a woman from the Czech Republic which is believed to date back 26,000...

In The Beginning Was The End: Dreamthinkspeak At Somerset House (REVIEW)

Jody Thompson | 9 April 2013 | UK Culture
What is the future of technology-obsessed man? In broad brushstrokes, that's the big question the latest site-specific production from art and theatre company Dreamthinkspeak is asking. Taking over little-seen spaces, abandoned rooms and bowels of that most handsome of London's Thameside buildings, Somerset House,...

Two New Exhibitions Planned About Richard III

Sam Parker | 8 April 2013 | UK Culture
Two new exhibitions bringing to life the story of King Richard III will open tomorrow following the monarch's remains being discovered under a council car park. Leicester's 'Search for a King' is dedicated to the hunt for the last Plantagenet king's remains, which were found under a social services car...

The Showstoppers (REVIEW): Improvisational Comedy Group Deliver Topical Musical 'FTSE-Loose'

Matthew Tucker | 7 February 2013 | UK Culture
Musicians, six actors, a stage, no script and one hour and 45 minutes of comedy theatre. This sounds like a familiar nightmare for those who dreaded drama lessons at school, but for improvisational artists The Showstoppers, the adrenaline of winging it on the night and making...

Hilary Mantel Up Against Will Self For South Bank Sky Art Award As She Goes For Three Awards On The Trot

Sam Parker | 8 April 2013 | UK Culture
Hilary Mantel and Will Self will battle it out for another literary prize six months after Mantel beat Self to the Man Booker Prize. The pair are shortlisted in the literature category at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards along with Kerry Hudson's debut novel 'Tony Hogan Bought Me an...

After Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar', Three More Feminist Classics Get The Chick-Lit Treatment (PICTURES)

Andrea Mann | 8 February 2013 | UK Comedy
Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar' has got a new cover for its 50th anniversary edition, which some are calling 'too chick-lit'. But it turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the new covers for... Charlotte Brontë's masterpiece of English fiction:
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