David Cox
David Cox is a writer and television producer. He has contributed to many publications, including the New Statesman, Prospect, the Guardian, the Times, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Observer, the Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and The First Post, mainly on communications and environmental issues.

He has made programmes for ITV, the BBC and Channel 4, mainly about current affairs and history. These have included 'Weekend World', the ITV news analysis programme, which he edited for five years, 'Walden', the in-depth political interview series (on ITV), 'Terms for Peace', which revealed the IRA's conditions for ending its campaign of violence (on Channel 4), 'Nation', the multicultural debating series (on BBC 2), 'War in the Gulf', the ITV series about The First Gulf War, and 'Walden on Heroes' and 'Walden on Villains', the biography series (on BBC 2). He was also head of current affairs at London Weekend Television for five years.

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It Was the BBC's Mindset, Not Its Incompetence, That Sunk Newsnight

(1) Comments | Posted 20 December 2012 | (17:59)

It's no accident that it was Newsnight that played host to the BBC's current and perhaps most fateful car-crash yet. The performance of this now little watched late-night take on the affairs of the day has become a key indicator of the corporation's commitment to its...

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It's the Problems That Are the Problem

(0) Comments | Posted 18 December 2011 | (23:20)

If nothing is done, everybody on the planet is going to die. Each year another 60 million of our fellow human beings are swept away by disease, old age, failure to look both ways before crossing the road and other affronts to our inalienable right to life.

In the face...

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