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Protecting Your Pet on Bonfire Night

(0) Comments | Posted 5 November 2013 | (16:16)

Bonfire night is a fun evening for all involved: fireworks, hot food, and fairground rides await those who go out for the night, while the smell of smoke and burgers fills the air. However, for your furry friends, November 5th is a traumatic night. Loud noises and bright flashes can...

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Rabbits: Common Illnesses and Infections

(0) Comments | Posted 7 October 2013 | (08:46)

Here at helpucover.co.uk, we're no strangers to the many ailments, cuts & scrapes that your furry friends get themselves into, but some can prove to be more serious than you may think.

Some routine healthcare can be done at home, like trimming claws and dressing small wounds, but every...

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Six Outrageous Insurance Fraud Claims That Failed

(0) Comments | Posted 5 September 2012 | (17:36)

Fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise and in many cases, career criminals are turning to this form of felony as a major source of illegal income. Over the years there have been some very high profile instances of uncovered frauds and here are six of the most spectacular to...

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