David Mochel
Dave's passion is helping people and organizations be more present, positive, and purposeful. He has spent the last 25 years synthesizing and translating research on brains and behavior to make it accessible and applicable. He helps individuals and organizations develop peace of mind, extraordinary power, and meaningful relationships through consistent and deliberate practice. Dave works with schools, businesses, and individuals all over the country and the world. He has a bachelors degree in biology and geology from Williams College, a masters in humanistic/mulitcultural education from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and he has completed a clinical internship at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.


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Mindfulness and Kindness Are Good Medicine

(0) Comments | Posted 4 September 2014 | (09:49)

I have been sitting in a hospital bed in an isolation room for the last five days. I came in with a nasty case of pneumonia and an unexplained low white blood cell count. Visitors to my room need to wear a gown and a mask. My blood has been...

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Why Mindfulness Is Just the Beginning

(0) Comments | Posted 10 August 2014 | (12:30)

Huffington Post, Forbes, New York Times, Bloomberg News, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Business Insider -- articles on mindfulness are everywhere these days. It is difficult to avoid some mention of this ancient practice in the media. While it is most directly...

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How Wonder Can Save Your Life

(0) Comments | Posted 4 August 2014 | (06:29)

I am currently in Japan teaching mindful-based leadership at an international leadership academy (ISAK). Here is what this morning's run in the Japanese countryside had to offer. It began with a glimpse of this farmhouse.



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Why You Don't Want to Meditate (And Why It Is Worth It Anyway)

(1) Comments | Posted 18 July 2014 | (07:38)

I am currently in a small town in the mountains of Japan. I have been coming here for the last four years to teach mindful self-control at a summer program for the International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK). Gathering together with teachers and students from more than twenty different countries,...

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Why We Lose Sight of What Is Most Important

(0) Comments | Posted 11 July 2014 | (21:09)


You know the deal - you wake up in the morning ready to make your life, your relationships, and the world the best they can be. Then you answer your email, check your voicemail, scan some news sites, and look at some funny...

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Want to be Happy? Practice Self-Control

(0) Comments | Posted 9 July 2014 | (01:48)

You tell yourself that you will:
lose a few pounds, and then you order dessert.
be careful with your money, and then you buy shoes on a whim.
be more kind and supportive, and then you argue over something trivial.
get started on your work, and...

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Just 'DÒ' It

(0) Comments | Posted 30 May 2014 | (01:15)


This symbol is the Japanese character "DÒ" (pronounced doe). "DÒ" refers to practice as a way of life. The closest (and rarely used) word in the English language for one who lives according to this principle is "practic." The definition of...

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Empathy for the Human Condition Is Good For You

(0) Comments | Posted 28 April 2014 | (01:00)

It happens all the time. You are driving in traffic, leaving a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you. Someone switches lanes in front of you and eliminates the cushion you were keeping. Perhaps your stomach gets a bit tight or your chest feels energized as you...

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A Declaration of Independence

(0) Comments | Posted 11 April 2014 | (20:01)

While reading the Declaration of Independence the other day, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the following in the second paragraph:

All experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
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Train Your Brain to Struggle Less and Thrive More

(0) Comments | Posted 27 March 2014 | (23:58)

Why do you appreciate your friends, relatives, or partner at some times and not at others? The obvious answer is that it depends upon their behavior. However, brain research suggests that it really depends upon which part of your brain is most active. Neuroscientists have found that when they stimulate...

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How to Move From Survival and Struggle to Growth and Contribution in Less Than Two Minutes a Day

(0) Comments | Posted 7 March 2014 | (18:06)

The foundation of growth is seeing what keeps you from growing (hint: it isn't your circumstances).

A friend of mine once said to me, "I don't know what God is, but when I look at a butterfly or a flower, I know that I can't do that." It is possible...

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To Unplug, or Not to Unplug, That Is the (Wrong) Question

(0) Comments | Posted 25 February 2014 | (17:33)

I must admit that I had a knee jerk reaction when I read this opening line in Evgeny Morozov's article "The Mindfulness Racket: The evangelists of unplugging might just have another agenda" in the New Republic:

In yet another sign that the new age lingo of the...

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Mindful Decisions and Mental Hygiene

(0) Comments | Posted 13 February 2014 | (16:39)

According to researchers at the Wharton School of Business, practicing mindfulness leads to better financial decisions. Participants in the studies were more likely to cut their losses and free themselves from the temptation to throw good money after bad. Co-author Sigal Barsade reported that "Our findings hold great promise for...

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What Justin Bieber Can Teach Us About Mindfulness

(0) Comments | Posted 7 February 2014 | (23:35)

I don't know whether it is more painful to watch a celebrity meltdown or to watch the social media frenzy around the implosion. Justin Bieber is only the most recent star in a series of spectacular, public, downward spirals. Being a talented singer, dancer, actor, or athlete, and having access...

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We Are All Sensation Chasers

(0) Comments | Posted 3 February 2014 | (21:28)

Philip Seymour Hoffman, an actor whose work I enjoyed very much, died this week, apparently from a drug overdose. The efforts to get rid of unpleasant feelings and to replace them with pleasant ones can take a powerful toll on a human life. I once read that no one has...

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Creating an Organisational Culture of Positive Growth Through Purposeful Practice

(0) Comments | Posted 27 January 2014 | (20:35)

Kindergartners do not care about calculus - most of them have never even heard the word. But many five year olds will eventually become high school seniors who are quite skilled at solving advanced problems. This is no accident. This is the result of years of intentional training in carefully...

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The Simple Secret to Optimal Performance and Wellbeing

(0) Comments | Posted 1 January 2014 | (18:28)

Would you expect to get better at golf by practicing the violin?

While the answer to this question may seem obvious, many of us put effort into one thing hoping it will result in something else. Consider one of my clients who sold his business for a personal profit of...

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Eight Things You Can Do Right Now to Benefit From a Self-Regulation Practice

(1) Comments | Posted 16 December 2013 | (16:25)

How much would you pay for a prescription that improved academic, athletic, and work performance? What if it also had a positive impact upon interpersonal connection and communication, frequency of positive mood, quality of sleep, ability to be focused and patient, cardiovascular and immune system function, confidence, resilience, creative problem...

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A Simple Practice Reduces Stress While Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life

(0) Comments | Posted 9 December 2013 | (03:55)

You may be actively cultivating skills that make you less productive, while eroding your health and happiness at the same time. It doesn't have to be that way.

Growing up in a rural area, I used to work on a farm in the summer putting up hay. On a...

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Mandela's Magic Was His Practice

(0) Comments | Posted 6 December 2013 | (20:05)

Since the news of Nelson Mandela's passing, I have been listening to newscasters and politicians trying to put his life and achievements in proper perspective. As a lifelong admirer, I support any amount of praise for Mandela's accomplishments. However, it is possible to use my praise and admiration as a...

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