David Orr
As Cook County Clerk since 1991, David Orr is the chief election authority for suburban Cook County, one of the largest election jurisdictions in the country.

A progressive voice in Chicago politics for 32 years, Orr has been nationally commended for his leadership on election reform, the Motor Voter law, early voting, and student election judge programs. Orr’s innovative efforts to boost productivity and improve efficiency in his office have also garnered recognition from Microsoft and the National Association of County Officials.

An advocate for open government, Orr fought for Chicago’s first major ethics legislation while a city alderman. Following the death of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, Orr took over as mayor and was recognized for his strong and sensible leadership during one the most tumultuous periods in Chicago’s political history.

Orr lives on Chicago’s North Side with his wife and four children. Prior to seeking elected office, Orr worked as an assistant professor of history and urban affairs.

Blog Entries by David Orr

Peers Must Stop This Unjust Bedroom Tax

Posted 12 December 2011 | 00:00:00 (EST)

We've heard a lot about the Government's headline-grabbing benefits cap, which threatens to plunge 50,000 larger families into poverty. But a separate and lesser known plan to punish social tenants for 'under-occupying' their homes is just as unfair and will hit more than 10 times that number of low-income people.

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