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Responsible Business: Oxygen or Oxymoron?

(0) Comments | Posted 30 May 2012 | (23:47)

'Welcome', our gracious host said as I arrived at the 11th Annual Responsible Business Summit in London earlier this month, 'would you like a Coke? They are sponsoring the conference'.

Okay, so it wasn't quite like that -- I had to sign in and pick up my speaker's...

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Ocean Conservation? It's as British as Fish and Chips

(0) Comments | Posted 3 May 2012 | (00:35)

Britain once ruled the waves; now the people of the United Kingdom are determined to save the ocean environment. That was the take-away message from a function held at the iconic Selfridges department store on Oxford Street last night.

Over the last decade there has been a revolution...

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Champagne Trader, Rogue Industry

(0) Comments | Posted 4 April 2012 | (23:59)

Stories of 'rogue traders' being brought to justice always make for gratifying copy. And it doesn't get much better than the news that the notorious 'champagne trader' Alex Hope has been arrested by the Financial Services Authority on suspicion of unauthorised trading.

A month...

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McKinsey's Believe it or Not

(1) Comments | Posted 22 March 2012 | (23:00)

Amidst the general dismay among real experts and ordinary people alike that has followed the parliamentary passage of Andrew Lansley's vicious legislation to traduce the NHS, there is one vested interest that will no doubt give a quiet cheer.

It is now well-established that global consultancy McKinsey&Co have...

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Meanwhile, on Planet Australia...

(0) Comments | Posted 25 January 2012 | (23:40)

It is Australia Day today (ambiguously commemorating the foundation of the Penal Colony of New South Wales by Captain Arthur Phillips, an event which occurred more than one hundred years before the actual creation of the Commonwealth of Australia) and so this HuffPost UK blogger thought he would...

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The Rights and Wrongs of Booing KPMG

(0) Comments | Posted 16 January 2012 | (22:45)

Okay, so I wasn't there (instead I spent the day in my office, worrying about this), but if Twitter is to be believed (yes I know, I know) then there was a bit of a kerfuffle at the Fabians New Year Conference on the weekend when...

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Would Diversity Spike Pop Westminster Bubble?

(1) Comments | Posted 4 January 2012 | (23:00)

We need greater diversity of experience and ideas in parliamentary politics, but the trend seems to be going in the opposite direction.

There's no doubt Maurice Glasman made a fair point when he recently told the Labour Diversity Fund (in a poorly recorded 35 second...

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