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Argentinean by birth and European in spirit, Diana is the founder and CEO of PositiveLuxury.com; a guide to living positively. The site showcases best-in-class brands for their social and environmental efforts.

Previously, she founded Clownfish, a global sustainability communications consultancy, taking the company from a niche, London-based company to a global brand spanning 5 markets, including China and the US. In 2008, Clownfish was acquired by Aegis Media, a global media company. Diana is a social entrepreneur, nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in recognition of her professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. Among other things, Diana has been trained by Al Gore at the Alliance of Climate Protection and serves as an adviser to many companies, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Entries by Diana Verde Nieto

Saving the World in Heels: The Exercise Regime

(0) Comments | Posted 7 April 2014 | (14:50)

When it comes to health and fitness, personally I've always been a fan of the notion that wearing three-inch heels helps to strengthen your calf muscles, in the same way that carrying a Celine tote, filled to the brim, helps to define your biceps or Acne jeans, worn a little...

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Saving the World in Heels: Sweetness and Light

(0) Comments | Posted 24 March 2014 | (14:53)

The anti-sugar anarchist: In the last month, every office, gym and social occasion has seemingly acquired a particular kind of dietary zealot ready to demonise sweet treats, including the humble banana, at the first sign of fun.

In short, researchers have warned that our bodies may struggle to convert...

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Saving the World in Heels, Wearing Picasso Prints

(0) Comments | Posted 10 March 2014 | (12:09)

The intellectual climber. We can all think of one: The synonym-using, over-agreeable dinner party guest with the "awe-inspiring" weekend and "idiosyncratic" partner. The person who pronounces 'hyperbole', "hyperbowl".

At one time or another, we've all been there. But, rather awkwardly for our social circle, now is my good friend 'S's...

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Saving the World in Heels When Disaster Strikes

(0) Comments | Posted 25 February 2014 | (11:00)

Why is it always those friends whose wardrobes are creaking under the weight of idle purchases, who are desperate to borrow something to wear? Enter T and a third date with a banker as fickle as her taste in Nicholas Kirkwood shoes: A scenario prompting a 'WARDROBE CRISIS!!!!'...

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Toxic Toys

(0) Comments | Posted 11 March 2013 | (22:00)

Why isn't radical transparency the norm?

I've got an invitation from my friend Fiona to go to a workshop about 'Baby stuff' - I don't have children, but I went along, as clearly Fiona needed company. Terese Hoffeldt, founder of Hevea, was presenting with passion and suddenly I went from...

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Mistletoe - Is it the Perfect Christmas Symbol of Romance or a Parasitic Serial Killer That Deserves Eradication?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 December 2012 | (19:24)

I'm kinda 50/50 on that.

This week, I kissed a guy underneath the semi-parasitic evergreen. He seemed to deserve it, so I stood on tiptoe and even lifted my left leg - although I felt more like a cocker spaniel than Katherine Hepburn. Then I panicked and pulled away. I...

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The Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

(0) Comments | Posted 10 December 2012 | (12:12)

What does one buy for angelic-faced brats and loose friends?

Christmas is the season for uncontrollable urges - it's like it was designed to mess up every good intention. There's the mistletoe and the alcohol for starters - which is practically inviting misbehaviour and then there's chocolate lying around. It...

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Saving the World in Heels: Flirting with Fashion

(0) Comments | Posted 30 September 2012 | (21:13)

Are there ways to save a friend?

Emily needed water. Badly. She needed water not in the way Pete Doherty needs a bath - more in the way a car needs a brake.

It had been a long night. We'd been to a lot of places. It was London Fashion...

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Saving the World in Heels: Guilt-Free Shopping Sprees

(0) Comments | Posted 11 September 2012 | (17:19)

Are guilt-free shopping sprees really possible?

Last year, I was sat in Ozone cafe on Leonard Street - a hop, skip and a jump (even in four inches) away from Positive Luxury HQ - waiting for my friend, B. Twenty minutes after our scheduled meeting time, B rushed in clutching...

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