Django Wylie
Django Wylie is a London based writer. His poetry has appeared in the Guardian Books Blog, has been anthologised by Antlers Press. It is available for free in bookmark form at a number of London libraries and independent bookshops.

He is a graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London and UC Berkeley.

Entries by Django Wylie

The True Cost of Tuition Fees

(0) Comments | Posted 29 July 2015 | (16:45)

When it comes to the spiralling costs of university tuition, most of the focus has been on its discouraging effect on poorer students considering higher education. Intimidated by the prospect of insurmountable debt, the reasoning goes, less affluent students eschew degrees in favour of immediate employment - a...

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Craig Raine and the Toxicity of Conformity

(0) Comments | Posted 4 June 2015 | (13:07)

Yesterday poet Craig Laine received a thorough virtual beating on Twitter, as legions of the self-righteous flocked to demonstrate their unimpeachable 'liberality' by attempting to crown him the new 'pervert laureate'. In case you didn't see, his poem, 'Gatwick' (below), recounts an interaction between Raine and...

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It Is Class, Not Gender, That Divides

(0) Comments | Posted 21 January 2015 | (13:32)

In a victory for vociferous prudes, page three is no more. It's official: tits are out, and all that's left to say is thanks for the mammories... [drops mic]. Having only read the Sun in waiting rooms, or awkwardly and shamefacedly at the barbers, I won't be shedding too many...

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Our Modern Remembrance Is All About Forgetting

(0) Comments | Posted 9 November 2013 | (00:00)

Remembrance Sunday is fast approaching, and, encouraged by the ubiquitous fluorescence of the nation's lapels, I duly donated my money and bought a poppy today. This year, however, there's an addition to the increasingly commercialised national ritual - namely The Call, a charity single by The Poppy Girls....

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Rethinking the White Van Man

(0) Comments | Posted 25 September 2013 | (23:28)

Around a year ago, I had occasion to work with three other men on some construction projects for film sets. The work was scattered around a number of venues across London, and each job required various specialised tools. A large part of our time, then, ended up being spent driving...

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The Hidden Cost of Tablet Computers

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2013 | (00:27)

From the frail, jaded commuter casting his sunken eyes over a Kindle Fire on the tube, to the sticky-fingered toddler distractedly palming an iPad in the corner of a suburban cafe, everyone these days has a tablet. Increasingly, consumers have been voting with their wallets and selecting the shiny and...

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Some Thoughts on The Voice and TV Talent Shows

(0) Comments | Posted 31 March 2013 | (00:05)

The credits have just rolled on the opening episode of the latest series of The Voice, and I've already forgotten what happened. My only real enduring memory is feeling a sense of surprise and fascination with this tired format's Lazarus-like refusal to die and stay dead. It is twelve years...

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The Meaning of Like

(6) Comments | Posted 9 January 2013 | (00:00)

A 'like' on Facebook or Instagram can make or break a witty status update or a particularly arty and well-angled shot of your quinoa entree. 'Liking' is now the dominant manifestation of social approval; that little heart or 'thumbs up' is now the arbiter of acceptance, of relevancy. As

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Requiem for a Scene: I Miss Landfill Indie

(0) Comments | Posted 9 November 2012 | (17:24)

Decades from now, our descendants will look back at us with envy. Much like we look at the quaint village green war memorial, the overgrown cricket pitch, the abandoned Our Price, and dream of a simpler, more naive time, our children will look back at 2006 - 2009 with wonder,...

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The Truth About the Illuminati and the Record Industry

(0) Comments | Posted 13 October 2012 | (14:53)

I have A LOT of spare time. Pretty much all the hours of the day outside the half I spend on are spare. That's quite a bit of time to fill, especially given that Countdown is only on for what, like 35 minutes? This usually means that like a...

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Only Connect: Is Internet Addiction a Real Problem?

(0) Comments | Posted 2 October 2012 | (22:29)

If this isn't the first and only thing you're going to read on the internet today, then you have a serious mental disorder. From May next year, 'internet-use disorder' is set to be included in the DSM-IV, swelling the ranks of the certified insane with bored office workers,...

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Why the Internet and Ebooks Are Changing Publishing and Writing for the Better

(4) Comments | Posted 1 October 2012 | (01:00)

The internet ruined everything. It ruined music, it ruined actual human relationships, it ruined the postal service, and now it has ruined the publishing industry. Literature is going to hell in an Amazon shopping cart because people don't like physical media any more, and great works of art are going...

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