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Top Tips for Making 2013's Holiday an Eco-Friendly One!

(0) Comments | Posted 17 July 2013 | (10:37)

Even with the balmy weather we've been enjoying, studies tell us that 73 per cent of Brits plan on taking a holiday abroad in 2013, up from 66 per cent last year. And, who can blame them? Consistent sunshine, soaking up the culture and savouring local delicacies are...

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Get Out and Stretch Those Legs This National Walking Month!

(28) Comments | Posted 22 May 2013 | (00:00)

Most of us can probably put our hands up and admit that we've vowed to ditch the car and start walking more to the shops or work on more than one occasion. But how many of us can honestly say we've stuck to that for longer than a few days?...

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Green Office Week - It's Simple!

(0) Comments | Posted 16 May 2013 | (11:02)

I was surprised to see in a recent study that only 42% of office workers thought in these tough economic times it makes good sense for their workplaces to be more sustainable - but it's a start! It's Green Office Week, so I've put together some useful tips...

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Energy Bill Announcement Might Be Disappointing - But Necessary to Keep the Lights On

(0) Comments | Posted 3 December 2012 | (14:58)

The recent announcement of the government's long-awaited Energy Bill revealing a postponement of carbon reduction targets is a disappointment to the environmental lobby, but our research shows that the public don't engage with or fully understand carbon reduction in any event. If the only way forward for energy policy is...

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New Figures Hail the Winds of Change

(0) Comments | Posted 18 October 2012 | (22:12)

Government figures, recently released, show there has been a big increase in electricity generated by renewable sources. According to the annual Digest of UK Energy Statistics, not only did UK electricity production from renewables increase by 33% last year, but also electricity generation from onshore wind increased by 45% and...

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Will Tiny Forests Brighten Our Future?

(2) Comments | Posted 1 May 2012 | (00:00)

One of the most exciting parts of being involved in the green energy industry is keeping abreast of all the latest developments in technology and human innovation. In response to the problem of environmental issues such as global warming, the inventiveness and ingenuity of mankind has been tested like never...

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