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People With Disabilities, Transgendered Identities and Women Still Fair Game for Hate Speech Online

(0) Comments | Posted 3 June 2016 | (07:06)

On Tuesday the European Commission and various major Internet companies announced a new Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have agreed to clarify on their terms of usage that they will prohibit illegal incitement to hatred. Moreover, they have agreed to put in...

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Five Years of Keeping Promises?

(0) Comments | Posted 10 May 2015 | (20:54)

David Cameron has spent the past five years building a rod for his own back. "Promises, promises" the electorate will now be saying to themselves − both the people who did and the people who did not vote for the Conservatives.

He has promised not to raise VAT and income...

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Rethinking the Katie Hopkins Affair

(0) Comments | Posted 28 April 2015 | (12:18)

On Friday the UN Human Rights Chief called on authorities and media regulators in the UK to take action against incitement to hatred occurring in British tabloid newspapers.

He was speaking in response to the Sun columnist Katie Hopkins' remarks about migrants and asylum seekers − that they are 'cockroaches,'...

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What the Hate Speech Debate Tells Us About Ukip

(2) Comments | Posted 23 February 2015 | (13:55)

When the Ukip MP Douglas Carswell defected from the Conservative Party in August 2014 his speech struck a non-vitriolic tone. He wanted to present the reasonable face of Ukip politics. One area he touched upon was the problem of obnoxious or hateful speech in public communication. "What was once dismissed...

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Great Expectations: How the Decision to Fund Schools is Keeping Old Promises

(0) Comments | Posted 7 December 2012 | (07:14)

Among the first tranche of cuts introduced by the Coalition upon taking power in May 2010, was the scrapping of the Building Schools for the Future programme.

The Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, faced criticism over his decision, and six local authorities sought judicial review. In February...

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The Day the Minister Came

(1) Comments | Posted 25 May 2012 | (10:33)

I've often wondered what it might feel like to turn up to a Union meeting, Women's Institute lunch, writers' guild workshop, or cub scout jamboree only to discover that it had been chosen as the location for a major political speech or policy announcement by a leading politician. Now I...

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