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The Academic Implications of John Sweeney's North Korea Documentary

(1) Comments | Posted 14 April 2013 | (19:54)

The decision of the BBC and John Sweeney to enter North Korea undercover with a group of LSE students raises a number of important questions relating to the ethics of the media. Chiefly whether they were putting the students in harm's way, but also if they'd made them fully aware...

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Borgen Is Brillant. Why Can't Britain Seem to Make Decent Political Dramas Anymore?

(24) Comments | Posted 6 January 2013 | (23:00)

So Borgen is finally back on our TV screens filling the hole left by The Killing and Homeland. Second series are often tricky things to get right, especially when the first was such a success; but on the evidence so far Borgen seems to be off to a good start.

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Britain and Argentina Are Both Wrong to Lay Claim to the Moral High Ground

(28) Comments | Posted 4 January 2013 | (05:15)

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's open letter to the British government with regards to the Falkland Islands is clearly intended more for her electorate than anyone in Britain or elsewhere. She knows that no government, Conservative or otherwise, is going to hand back the Falkland Islands anytime soon, so this...

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The Fiscal Cliff Deal Demonstrates Everything That's Wrong With the US Congress

(0) Comments | Posted 2 January 2013 | (12:26)

While the bill the House of Representatives has just passed is on balance a good thing (or at least better than the alternative of doing nothing), it also illustrates several of the main problems with American politics; especially at the national level.

There's that old saying that stupidity is doing...

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