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Rosie has research interests in voting behaviour, political careers, participation, representation and gender and politics. Her book ‘Gender and the Vote in Britain’ was published in 2006 and she has recently published in the British Journal of Political Science, British Politics, Political Quarterly and she has a chapter on ‘The Politics of Diversity’ in Developments in British Politics 8, she has co-authored reports for the Electoral Commission, the Hansard Society and Radio Four's Woman's Hour. She has been interviewed by The Guardian, The Economist, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, The New Statesman, BBC breakfast news, BBC News 24, The World Service’s News Hour, BBC Radio Four’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, Westminster Hour, and Thinking Allowed. Rosie is one of the co-directors of the Birkbeck Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life and she was elected to serve a three year term as a member of the Political Studies Association’s (PSA) Executive Committee in 2012.

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This Ludicrous Obsession, Parents in Parliament: The Motherhood Trap

(0) Comments | Posted 16 January 2014 | (10:24)

Men's over-representation and women's under-representation in the UK Parliament is pretty well known, even if the public sometimes over-estimates just how many women MPs there are, bedazzled by their bright clothing in the Chamber.1 In fact, men outnumber women by more than 4:1.

Some people may not find this...

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Poor Women's Representation - 'Shocking But Not Surprising' - Don't Blame the Women

(2) Comments | Posted 27 February 2013 | (23:00)

Women's under representation in Parliament has well and truly hit the headlines: Samantha Cameron isn't happy about it; job-shares are suggested as the new solution; the Lib Dems face allegations of sexual harassment; and the 2013 Sex and Power Report confirms the 'shocking' but not surprising absence of women from...

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Job-Shares for MPs: A Step on the Way to Resolving a Major Problem

(9) Comments | Posted 22 February 2013 | (12:48)

In a blog on Wednesday Ruth Fox, from the Hansard Society, argued that job-shares for MPs are a marginal solution for a major problem. Dr Fox is right, introducing job shares will not solve the significant under-representation of women in the House of Commons overnight. To do that,...

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