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Forget Superstars, We've Got Superfoods

(0) Comments | Posted 17 March 2014 | (11:04)

Just as the Academy Awards celebrate 'superstars', nutritionists and health enthusiasts everywhere celebrate 'superfoods' - those stars of the food world that are packed with nutritional value. The latest addition to superfood status is a national British breakfast favourite - oats.

You may be aware that eating a bowl of...

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Feed Your Child to Better Results

(0) Comments | Posted 13 December 2012 | (10:12)

We are all aware of the devastating consequences that a junk diet of endless fizzy drinks, sugary snacks and foods containing little more than unhealthy fats and salt can have on our children's health and with Christmas almost upon us, this is the time of year most parents cave in...

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