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Britain Needs a Strong Economy Everyone Can Benefit From

(101) Comments | Posted 24 July 2013 | (12:55)

With living standards falling year on year for ordinary families, and conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic trying to protect the privileges of a wealthy few, the challenge for progressive politics is to raise the living standards of the great majority of our citizens.

It is this challenge that...

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We Need Action to End the Era of Tax Secrecy

(155) Comments | Posted 13 January 2013 | (13:31)

In tough times, and when the government is cutting spending and raising taxes, it's even more important that everyone plays their part and pays their fair share of tax.

Good British firms and millions of families are paying their fair share, but it is not right that some firms don't....

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Time for Urgent Action to Tackle Tax Avoidance

(132) Comments | Posted 24 November 2012 | (23:00)

When times are tough for families and businesses, and the government is cutting spending and raising taxes, the public are rightly demanding to know whether everybody is contributing their fair share.

The chancellor's decision to cut the top rate of tax in the Budget while millions of families and pensioners...

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Business Wants Action Not Excuses From the Government

(26) Comments | Posted 20 November 2011 | (22:00)

Businesses want urgent action and leadership from the government to get our economy moving again. That's the clear message I've heard from companies around the country in the last few weeks.

In York on Friday, the main concerns amongst business leaders I met were the difficulties in...

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